People go crazy for clever optical illusion — but can you spot who is wearing the heels?

THINK you know who is wearing high heels in this photo? Think again!

The confusing optical illusion took social media by storm as many people tried to identify who was wearing what in the now-viral image.


Optical illusion made everyone do double credit: Tiktok/@laughswithsel

The video shows someone hugging someone sitting at a table.

However, at first glance it appears that the man is wearing a combination of skinny jeans and heels.

But when people started to take a closer look, they realized that the clothes were actually worn by a woman.

A TikTok account named @Laughswithsel shared it on their profile, while laughing and revealing their own confusion.

She told her followers: “Ok, it took me a long time to see what’s really going on here.

“Because I thought she was wearing a blue shirt, white pants, and heels, but it’s actually her.”

After @Laughswithsel pointed it out, his followers realized their own mistake and took to the comments section to share their surprise.

One wrote: “He is sitting with his girlfriend on his shoulder.”

Another said: “The girl is the one in blue and the boy is in purple.”

Meanwhile, others have decided to help those still struggling to figure out what’s going on by sharing their helpful advice.

One revealed: “Look at the girl’s hair, I hope it helps you, that’s how I got it!”

Another suggested: “For those who still can’t figure it out, just cover your head and wear a purple t-shirt.”

Users of social networks went crazy with the optical illusion


Social media users went crazy for the optical illusionCredit: Tiktok/@laughswithsel

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