People with great minds can solve this math puzzle in 5 seconds

Math quizzes: There are many popular online activities these days that strengthen our logical and analytical thinking. One of such activities is solving math puzzles that have received wide popularity among Internet users.

In such challenges, the reader’s analytical thinking skills are tested when tough questions are posed in the form of math puzzles.

The basic premise of a math puzzle involves mathematical equations with a hidden value. The reader should solve a math puzzle using the basic rules of mathematics.

Regular practice of math puzzles keeps the brain sharp and also prevents cognitive decline in old age.

Are you ready to test how smart you are?

Let’s start.

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Math Puzzle – Solve math puzzles in 5 seconds

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The image above shows the math equation.

Readers must study the question carefully and determine the answer.

This is a moderate challenge and individuals with high intelligence and great attention to detail will solve the puzzle faster than others.

The first thing you need to do is establish a pattern between the numbers. That is the most important part to solve this puzzle.

How many of you solved the puzzle?

Hurry up; there’s not much time left.

Look at the picture again and apply the basic rules of math to solve the puzzle.

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The clock is ticking fast.


Time has passed.

How many of you have found the solution to this puzzle?

Some of the brightest minds may have solved this puzzle, while some are still searching for the solution.

You can stop searching now.

Want to know the value?

Your wait ends here.

Check out the solutions below!

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Solve math puzzles in 5 seconds – Solution

The solution is as follows:


The next pattern in this problem is to add two numbers and multiply the sum by the number on the left.

For example

2+3 = 10 is obtained by adding 2 by 3 and multiplying the sum of 2+3 by 2.

2+3 = 5 and 5*2 = 10

Similarly, following the same sample, the missing value is 126.

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