PHOTO. Wildlife photographer captures frogs hugging in the rain

A wildlife photographer photographed two frogs. Frogs lie huddled under flowers in the rain. Wildlife photography takes us into the natural world.

It clarifies the beautiful and beautiful moments. Animal moments can never be seen.

Photographers have a special taste and skill. Sometimes wildlife photographers can get a good shot. They show natural beauty.

Like a photographer photographing two frogs. His name is Ajar Setiadi. He is from Bogor, Indonesia. He has a special interest in the tiniest creatures. We always ignore reptiles, birds and insects.

And many of the most intriguing photos, as can be seen on his Instagram, are of frogs: The frogs in Setiadi’s photos have expressive faces.

He is simply waiting for the most beautiful moment to be captured. The photographer said he likes to photograph frogs when it’s raining because they hide in the vegetation. The results in some photos are unique photos.

This led to one of his best photos in February. When it rained, he saw two white frogs. These frogs hide under the flower. They use the flower as an umbrella.

The photos become especially cute when one frog puts his arm around the other. The scene is like frogs sharing a romantic and sweet moment in the rain. The photo became Setiadi’s most famous photo on his Instagram. This photo shows that nature has a sweet side.

It’s similar to another nature photo that went viral earlier this year, taken by photographer Joe Neely, showing two sleepy bees cuddling over a flower: The pictures are beautiful. These frogs look like they’re in love.

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