Poorna Jagannathan’s Married Life With Husband Azad Oommen

Poorna Jagannathan and her husband Azad have created a ‘Simple Life’ that is filled with ‘Extraordinary Beauty’. The actress paid a lovely tribute to her other half on Instagram on Valentine’s Day 2022. The Never Have I Ever actress tweeted a selfie of herself and her husband Azad Oommen with their child Anava and their beloved dog.

“I told him ‘I love you’ on our FIRST date 21 years ago,” the actress began the caption. “I was so humiliated that those words came out of me,” she continued, “that I kept saying ‘I love you’ to everyone around us so they wouldn’t believe he was unique.”

This was one of the rare cases when the actress spoke about her private life on social networks.

“We created a basic life together, but it is still filled with immense beauty.” For long lasting love. “Happy Valentine’s Day everyone,” she said at the end of the message.

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Married life of Poorna Jagannathan with husband Azad Oommen

On January 11, 2003, Jaganathan and Oommen got married.

Despite the fact that she has been married for almost 20 years, The Night Of actress has managed to keep her private life a secret. According to her Valentine’s Day post, the actress fell in love with Oommen on their first date.

She also mentioned in her birthday message for her husband that their friends and family throw an intimate party every year on his birthday. “And every year they have the same conversation: If Poorna dies, who will succeed Azad?” the actress wrote.

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Who is Azad Oommen?

Azad Oommen, her partner, has a profession out of the limelight. Despite this, he became famous as a result of his significant involvement in leadership development and work to provide quality education in poor and middle-developed countries.

He was the founder and CEO of the Central Square Foundation (CSF), an Indian entrepreneurial philanthropic fund focused on improving the quality of student learning.

Oommen is currently the co-founder of Global School Leaders, a global non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging key stakeholders to invest and participate in school leadership development. According to the actress, in addition to being a humanitarian, Oommen is also a devoted father to their 15-year-old son Anav.

“Happy birthday to the most desirable spouse in the world,” she said.

“Our son with his sun,” the actress wrote on Father’s Day in a message dedicated to her husband. “Everything revolves around this man, whose light and warmth surpasses anything I could have imagined.”

The actress’ candid posts show that she has a beautiful married life with her adoring husband and son.

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