Real Housewives of Durban: Where To Find The Cast On Social Media

this Real housewives There are spin-off series in the franchise that have aired worldwide. Until recently, there was no international release in the US, but Bravo is finally delivering season one true housewives of durban American screen.

The women of Durban live lives as extraordinary and dramatic as their American counterparts, and dubai’s real housewives Create interest in the way of life of rich and wealthy people in other countries. Bravo may allow other international Real housewives The series will premiere in the future, but for now, American audiences can learn more about the Durban cast from their social media accounts.

Sorisa Naidu

Sorisha Naidoo is Instagram-only and she makes it clear in her bio, so no one is fooled by people impersonating her on apps like TikTok and Twitter. Her Instagram (@sorishanaidoo) shares every aspect of her life, including the spa business she often promotes, and congratulates her team and family.

alike dubai’s real housewives Chanel star Ayan, whom fans are still getting to know, Sorisha loves to show off her fashion collection on social media and how she designs each piece, providing inspiration to fans who want to. dress like her.

Kgomotso Ndungane

Kgomosto Ndungane was only the main housewife in season one, but appeared as a guest in season two, but for viewers who feel attached to Kgomosto and miss her on the show, she shares a lot. thing about his life on Instagram (@kgomotso_ndungane).

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Unlike other housewives, Kgomotso is a golf enthusiast and most of her recent posts are devoted to the sport, whether it’s golf-related activities or golf. Play her favorite game. There is a Twitter account using her name, but it is not clear if this is the official account or someone is using her name and picture.

Ayanda Nkwin

Ayanda Ncwane is just on the show’s first season and hasn’t used her Instagram (@ayandancwane) since July 2022. But as she says on the show, Ayanda is a very busy businesswoman. , who runs a music production company that takes up most of her and her two children’s time.

She has a YouTube channel with just four short videos focusing on death, grief, and children, which were a big part of Ayanda’s first season storyline. Like many of OG’s best housewives, Ayanda’s family tragedy pops up on the show, showing just how much of an impact death can have on families and opening up broader conversations about relationships. family and children’s pain that Ayanda is currently focusing on.

Nonkuleko “Nonku” Williams

Nonkuleko Williams uses her Instagram (@nonku_williams) to share all the fun things in her life, such as the new car and alcohol business that helped her make a fortune.

Nonku is one of the few true housewives of durban Her use of TikTok (@nonkxwilliam), where she posts trending videos of dance and glimpses of her life, is more fun and light than her Instagram, which is designed for style her business and fashion. Her YouTube channel features a number of videos primarily devoted to her business.

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Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco

Nonkanyiso Conco keeps her Instagram (@_laconco) private, so the only way for fans to get a glimpse into the reality star’s life is from the business Instagram page linked in the profile. her history. She uses public Twitter under the same username, @_laconcoshe tweets about her company and her beliefs, it’s an integral part of her life, as mentioned in all her account bios.

LaConco shows how busy she is on her twitter where she advertises our perfect weddingShe is the hostess and also a real housewife.

Annie – Tony “Annie” Msembu

Annie Mthembu’s social media is all about sharing the cheerful and bright spirit she embodies in the two-season series, as well as her stunning color palettes and snapshots of her business routine. relating to dance and grooming services.

Annie’s Instagram (@mrsannbition) For All Americans Real housewives The franchise’s actor’s social media profiles and how polished it is, also show snippets of her life in South Africa. Annie also frequently uses Twitter with this name @MrsAnnbitionpromote her career and share looks from the lavish events she has attended.

Thbile Khumalo Mseleku

Thbile appeared in season one, but wasn’t cast often until season two, where she took on the role of housewife. Her Instagram (@thobssss) promoting her business, philanthropy and her friends who have made great strides in business in South Africa shows how much she considers herself to be. How serious it is to empower the women around you.

Much of her private life isn’t on social media, even when it’s on camera; she shares more of herself on her TikTok (@thobosssthecontractor), including images of the soundtrack and some videos, but not many popular video topics.

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randy london

Rondy London joins the cast of the show’s second season as another musician and businesswoman, with many of her cast holding those titles. Londie uses her Instagram (@londie_london_offical) to let her fans know where she’s going next, and most of her recent posts are posters promoting her looks rather than snaps. Quick or video of her life.

Her account is more like an influencer’s account than some other women’s because she promotes products that don’t come from her business in her posts. She also has a twitter (@TheLondie London) works similarly, but her Instagram has more followers, with 1.5 million followers.

jojo robinson

JoJo Robinson follows sports cars and fashion on her Instagram (@mrs.jojo.robinson) and her style is wilder than her actors. JoJo stands out from the other women in the Durban cast with her love of tattoos, but she respects her individuality and encourages others to do the same.

She also shows off her friendship with Nonku who has become a fan favorite Real housewives A universe of international audiences. JoJo also creates scrolls to fend off her haters, but it’s all funny because she’s always encouraging others to be the best they can be.

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