Rescued golden retriever thanked firefighters and policemen with kisses and hugs

The golden retriever was rescued by Falmouth police and firefighters. A serious accident occurred in Maine. Very low temperatures between 10 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

They worked hard to save a dog trapped in a drain full of ice. The dog was pleased that the attention had made him forget all the trouble he had when he got stuck in the drain.

They did everything to save the dog. The dog was named Fable. Fortunately, the golden retriever was not injured because they are very careful with their work. The rescue lasted an hour. The dog only got wet, but after a while they dried its coat. The dog shivered from the cold.

The golden retriever is quite young. The dog never stopped kissing the people who saved it. He caressed sweetly. The dog licks the rescuers as a sign of gratitude.

The dog feels the warmth and the feeling of being cared for. The dog wags its tail when it feels safe. The rescue was successful thanks to good teamwork and professionalism.

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