Eye-straining optical illusion challenges you to find a hidden cat & is so hard people are giving up, can YOU solve it?

BREAK YOUR BRAIN with an optical illusion that strains the eyes and makes people stop looking for answers.

All you have to do is find the hidden cat in this image.


Find the cat in this optical illusion Credit: Reddit/waterhauler

This image posted to Reddit shows a cat hiding among piles of wood and overgrown vegetation.

Although there are some moments when you think you’ve found it, you’re probably not looking at the actual cat.

After the photo was posted, many people wondered if it was a joke because they just couldn’t find it.

One person wrote: “Almost dismissed it as a joke.”

Another shared: “I almost gave up but I made it.”

A third commented: “God, that took too long.

“I was actually surprised when I finally found it.”

And the fourth one said, “Shit, there’s actually a cat in there. I was convinced it was a conspiracy.”

Have you found it yet?

A tip: it is the same color as the wood.


The cat is sleeping on top of another pile of wood.

How did you do it and how long did it take you to find it?

If you want to show off your skills even more, this optical illusion hides an animal in plain sight, can you see it?

And this will reveal to you if people are easily honest or not.

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