RHOBH: Ronald Richards’ Wife Owning Erika Jayne’s Earrings Explained

Amazing, true housewives of beverly hills Star Erica Jayne’s infamous diamond earrings belong to Ronald Richards’ wife. The earrings were the focus of many court cases, Erika once refused to hand them over.exist black robbery In Season 12, Erika was even spotted wearing these items while walking through Aspen.

A pair of earrings worth 750,000 dollars appear at true housewives of beverly hills Season 12 has come a long way over the past few years, with news outlets constantly updating the public on this legal battle. The trustees of the Girardi Estate demanded that Erika deliver the diamond earrings that Tom Girardi bought for her in 2007. Tom allegedly purchased the earrings with the client’s money. At one point, Erica delivered a pair of earrings, but later it was reported that they were not what the trustees requested. The earrings eventually sold at auction for $250,000, but Erika appealed the deal.

RHOBH Star Erika Jayne earrings have a new owner

black robbery Housewife Erica’s earrings are now worn on the ears of Lauren Boyett Richards, wife of one of the trustees, Ronald Richards. In the Instagram post, Lauren showed off a pair of diamond earrings while bragging about any other pieces of jewelry she would be chasing up for auction. Lauren mocked Erika, who said she understood why the singer struggled to keep them, pointing out that they “Great.” While fans are waiting for Erica to bite the answer, she has yet to comment.

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Lauren Richards faces backlash from fans RHOBH

Although Lauren bought the diamond earrings at the auction with the money donated to the victims, black robbery Fans think the post is “nausea.” Lauren deserves support because she didn’t hesitate when a follower questioned her motives, asked if Lauren bought props, “Is it to help the victim or to influence?” Lauren then replied, “I did. What do you mean?” The lawyer’s wife isn’t afraid to mingle because it’s clear that diamond ownership is where she gets the last laugh. A fan asked Lauren if she was going to wear diamonds black robbery reply,”Better buy earrings that should be discounted and donate to these innocent families

true housewives of beverly hills Star Erica is preparing for another lawsuit, this time in court. Erika was indicted in August 2021 and charged with knowing that the money taken from Girardi-Keese was used to finance her lavish lifestyle. Erica was recently impeached in the case and decided to go to court, opting for a jury trial. It looks like Erika will never wear her beloved earrings again, and for now, they will remain on Lauren’s ears.

Source: Lauren Richards/Instagram

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