BBC Breakfast viewers unimpressed after Sally Nugent warns of on-air error

BBC Breakfast viewers left little impression on Wednesday morning after being unable to watch local news due to a strike.

While the show is broadcast nationally, viewers will receive news, travel, and weather updates for their local area at various intervals throughout the show.

Presenter Sally Nugent warned there could be problems with local newscasts, telling viewers: “Now is the time to get the news, travel and weather where you are this morning.

© Getty Images Jon Kay and Sally Nugent host Wednesday’s show

“Some programs may be affected by regional industrial action.”

Viewers took to Twitter to express their frustration over the technical issue, with one person writing: “@BBCBreakfast honestly show a strike sign or something – I don’t care if the local news doesn’t matter. right… local!!” while another added: “@BBCBreakfast when you said local news was affected by the strike I didn’t expect you to think I would get news from the North West with subtitles for the Southeast.”

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Sally Nugent and Jon Kay on set© BBC Breakfast Viewers left unimpressed after local news was mixed

A third person tweeted: “@BBCBreakfast that local news section is not local at all… I usually get @BBCLookEast this morning. There’s a new column for Manchester Liverpool and Cornwall… unknowing. what’s happening local or local time,” while another wrote: “@ BBCBreakfast in Yorkshire again, we get no local news from the north.”

Journalists working for BBC Local are on strike from Wednesday to Thursday to protest against the BBC’s plan to cut local radio service across the UK. 1,000 journalists will join the 48-hour strike, which follows industrial action in March and an impasse in negotiations with the BBC.

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The BBC's Jon Kay and Sally Nugent Breakfast Chair© GettyStrikes is held Wednesday through Thursday

The NUJ said the recent proposals do not address union concerns about the impact of fewer services and increasing joint programs.

The action follows a vote of no confidence in BBC Local’s senior management team by BBC journalists last week.

Paul Siegert, National Broadcasting Organiser, said: “48 hours a week of local radio programming is a disadvantage for the 5.7 million weekly listeners who follow BBC Local. Journalists are on strike to defend services that are valued by communities around the country.

Jon Kay and Sally Nugent on the red sofa © Danny Lawson – PA Images The hosts run the show Monday through Wednesday

“We are not opposed to a change in the BBC, but we do believe that the way the Digital First strategy is being implemented will destroy access to relevant local radio on which so many people rely.

“This 48-hour strike is about journalists standing up for local radio services and the public rallying behind members in their fight to keep local radio going. to be local.”

BBC Breakfast Studio with four presentersThe moment Sally was seen chatting while the camera was rolling

Wednesday’s technical glitch isn’t the only recent glitch BBC Breakfast. In May, Sally was caught off guard by blinking at her co-star while the studio’s cameras were going live. The 51-year-old quickly calmed down and lowered her hand before introducing herself and Jon Kay professionally to the camera. Watch the moment in the video below.

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