RHONJ: Why Luis Is Accused Of Buying Teresa’s Daughters Fake Cartier

‘s new husband real housewives of new jersey Teresa Giudice star Luis Ruelas has been accused of giving a fake Cartier bracelet to her stepdaughter Gia Giudice. Louis didn’t get off to the best start as a reality TV personality due to his bizarre island videos. While Teresa isn’t ready to let her love bubble burst, Luis comes across as hypocritical.

The table-turning Garden State diva has been a franchise staple since day one. these years, real housewives of new jersey The icon has faced questions about her marriage to now-ex-husband Joe Giudice. After a period in prison, Joe was deported to Italy and the two broke up. Theresa found love again while walking along the Jersey Shore and loved everything about Louis, who of course received his fair share of criticism. Theresa’s new marriage has created some issues between Theresa and Joe Gorga that will be played out in the next season.

The Real Housewives of Lewes, NJ Loves Knockoffs

Over the Christmas holidays, Gia and Milania Giudice took to their TikTok account to “modestly brag” about the lavish gifts they received from their new stepfather. Gia showed off the gift, a new “Cartier” bracelet in the famous red box. Soon, fans were criticizing Gia’s accessories because they believed they were fake.This happened after @therealbadfashions point out sometimes dramatic ronjie My daughter’s bracelet is a poorly made replica.

The authentic Juste Un Clou gold bracelet sells for $4,750. It features a diamond on the head of the nail. Gia’s possibly fake bracelet was displayed in a red box that wasn’t quite the right color, and the Cartier name didn’t seem to be in the right font either.

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The Real Housewives of Milan, N.J. Shows Off Her Fake Too

Gia is not the only one of Teresa’s daughters to boast about owning a fake Cartier bracelet. In a brief TikTok video, Milania showed off her many Christmas gifts, including matching bracelets, Versace glasses and Air Jordan sneakers. Cartier’s font is off-center and doesn’t look bright enough. This seems to indicate this is a scam. ronjie Viewers were annoyed by Gia and Milania’s attempts to pretend the items were authentic, noting that it was okay to buy knockoffs as long as they weren’t passed off as genuine.

This isn’t the first time the Giudice family has been cracked down for peddling fake designer brands. Teresa has been tricking her fans for years by wearing fake designer clothes, including knockoffs of Gucci and Balenciaga. The Montville native has even been criticized for promoting fake brands on Instagram, real housewives of new jersey Fans were not impressed. Interestingly, Louis’ alleged cheapness has angered fans of the show to such an extent, as evidenced by the comments above.

Source: @Therealbadfashions/Instagram, Milania Giudice/TikTok, Cartier

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