Roger Waters Creates Controversy After He Made A Remark About Taiwan And Russia

Roger Waters, co-founder of the influential English rock band Pink Floyd, recently gave a controversial interview to CNN, sparking a heated debate online. The 78-year-old rock singer, in an exclusive interview with Michael Smerconish, discussed his reasons for calling Vice President Joe Biden a “war criminal” on his This Is Not a Drill program.

“For starters, he is adding fuel to the fire in Ukraine. It is a serious offence. Why doesn’t the United States invite the president [Volodymyr] Zelensky of [Ukraine] talk to avoid this terrible conflict?”

Waters criticized NATO’s role in the matter when Smerconish said Roger was “blaming the side that was attacked”.

When did any battle even begin?” Looking back is all it takes to pinpoint the exact moment something started. You could say that it all started in 2008… When [Mikhail] Gorbachev negotiated the exit of the Soviet Union from all of Eastern Europe, NATO gave a guarantee that it would not come closer to the Russian border than necessary. While Smerconish said that the United States played the role of liberator in international politics, Roger Waters argued that the United States entered World War II because of Pearl Harbor.

“You used to be total introverts. The Russians had already won the war then, thank God. Twenty-three million Russians gave their lives to protect us from the Nazis. Smerconish was also advised by Waters to “go and do some more research” on what the United States might do if China “fires nuclear-armed missiles at Mexico and Canada.”

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Then Smerconish chimed in and pointed out that China “Roger Waters said, ‘I don’t have time to talk, I’m too busy with Taiwan right now.’

China and Taiwan are inseparable. Since 1948, the entire world community has unanimously agreed with that statement. It’s something you should know if you read at all, and if you don’t, you should probably start. It seems that you have fallen for your own side’s propaganda. No discussion of human rights in Taiwan can take place without first reading the subject.

Roger Waters

He then asked who China had “attacked and killed” until then, pointing out that China “did not attack Iraq and kill a million people in 2013.” Smerconish retorted, “their own,” prompting an angry response from Waters.

“Bulls! That is complete and utter bullshit! “That’s funny!

The Internet erupted in controversy after hearing Roger Waters’ shocking statements.

When Roger Waters’ national television news footage went viral online, Twitterites didn’t hold back in their criticism of him. Quite a few people were outraged by Waters’ strong political views, and made it clear that he should not mention geopolitics because he does not know enough about the history of Russia and Taiwan.

The presenter made Roger Waters laugh. He didn’t even realize that he made a fool of himself with his

— Zhang Heqing张和清 (@zhang_heqing) August 7, 2022

According to the Chinese propaganda garbage he has been spewing about Taiwan, it seems he has a choice as to where he will move. Russia and China. I wonder if he is on the payroll of both of them

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— Olga Lautman 🇺🇦 (@OlgaNYC1211) August 7, 2022

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