Ruth Wishart Wikipedia, Journalist, Family, Image, Twitter, Husband

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Ruth Wishart Wikipedia, Journalist, Family, Photo, Twitter, Husband

Ruth Wishart Wikipedia, journalist, family, photography, Twitter, husband: Scottish journalist Ruth Wishart works in the media. He is very well recognized in Scotland. She writes about the political climate in Scotland and the UK.

Ruth Wishart Wikipedia, Journalist, Family, Photo, Twitter, Husband

In an age of non-stop news cycles, scandalous invasions of privacy, and what outgoing Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon accurately called the “brutality” of modern politics, why would any human being want to lead a political party?

Following these statements, dozens of women politicians of all persuasions have come out of hiding to confirm that they, too, have suffered repeated abuse, and not just on social media, which, as we all know, can be brutally embarrassing at times.

A Scottish writer I know somewhat posted that he had spoken to Nicola about a book and received a barrage of hateful comments in response.

The problem with women in politics, and two out of three SNP leadership candidates are women, is that they often face threats that are very different from those faced by male members of that species.

Politicians, at least the prominent ones, often face threats of rape and other forms of sexual harassment. Occasionally a kill is thrown in as a fun little extra.

The effects on relationships and family life are another factor. Even meeting friends for coffee becomes a major logistical challenge, as NS pointed out.

How many of us would consider taking off our hoodies and sweatpants just to see a friend? If you do it as a politician, you can bet the drum will sell a photo of you as having tackled a nearby hedgerow three times.

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This is not a natural way of life in any sense. I saw in passing that Angus Robertson, who has experience in this area having been a minister in the Holyrood government and party leader at Westminster, disqualified himself because he is the father of two children, one of whom is still under two. old. .

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