See how the butterfly looks after the surgery. A butterfly with outstretched wings arranged by a woman, and now it can fly

Butterflies are the rulers among the beautiful animals of nature.

The butterfly was born in the nursery of Romy McCloskey, a skilled seamstress and fashion designer.

“Butterflies were one of my wild favorites when I was young and will remain so for the rest of my life.

A butterfly will fly by and tell you I’m here and that I love you, and it’s been a long time,” Romie told her mother.

She found 3 separate caterpillars and 3 butterflies in the bushes that day while she was walking outside. By the time the ruler’s wings fell off, she realized that she could help her.

When it was time to pick, Romi chose a part of a real butterfly’s wings that until now she thought was the only one.

When she finished sewing the beetle’s wings, no one could see that a fold had formed.

Then, at that point, he returned to the field. She’s happy to be able to help the butterfly and thinks she’ll do the same thing again if needed.

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