Shazam’s Wizard Just Became a DC God – By Killing [SPOILER]

Warning: There are spoilers for Wonder Woman #796!

In Wonder Woman’s latest adventure, the witch Shazam (who gave Billy Batson his powers) reaches a new level of power, becoming the ruler of Olympus. Zeus, one of DC Comics’ most famous Olympian gods, is key to the origins of superheroes like Wonder Woman and Shazam, and his strength lies in both heroes. However, the sorcerer Shazam is now almost on par with the Old Gods, having bestowed Billy Batson with the powers of the Old Gods.

No. 796 Wonderful womanIn the works of Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, and Amancay Nahuelpan, Zeus interferes with Wonder Girl’s relationship with Eros, clashing and defeating the latter with his signature lightning bolt. However, Zeus was soon betrayed by Hera and the sorcerer Shazam, who had previously claimed the throne of Zeus. While the sorcerer Shazam swore allegiance to Hera after stabbing Zeus in the back with his own hand, the development is an important, though not clearly envisioned, escalation for an already formidable creature. hideous.

Shazam the witch just replaced Zeus

When Billy Batson used the name “Captain Marvel”, he called out his witch patron’s name to unleash his powers, however legal issues complicated the process and Billy is now on his own. I use “Shazam”. ‘ a name commonly known as ‘The Shazam Champion’. Although the mages’ power is extreme, they often sit back and protect the Eternal Stone, allowing Billy to pursue heroism according to his pure heart. However, the wizard clearly did not stand aside as the gods entered the war on their own.

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Shazam and Wonder Woman going to war?

Shazam shaman

This massive betrayal means Billy Batson’s Shazam and Wonder Woman could now be on two different sides. Zeus is Diana’s father, Hera is her arch-nemesis, and Billy trusts witches’ judgment for the best of magic and the world at large. The witch’s motives are currently a mystery, but what is truly shocking is that a creature characterized by his benevolence and intelligence stabbed an alleged ally in the back of his. However, mythical creatures do not share the same moral values ​​as the heroes they create, and it is entirely possible that the magicians are just taking sides and currently viewing individual agendas. their own people, instead of being mind controlled or blackmailed for murder.

When the sorcerer Shazam stepped into the limelight and declared the god, Hera’s faction had just recruited a mysterious mega-beater. The fates of the world are in balance, but in the immediate future, Shazam and Wonder Woman are forced to face the fact that they are currently fighting for different sides in this earth-shattering conflict, so there there might be another structural war in the world. short time. sexual liquidation.

Wonderful Woman #796 DC Comics is out now.

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