She was left on the road dragging in the rain And freezing cold begging for help to survive

Humans have long ceased to be human. Although she is just a puppy, she is sure that the stray dog ​​is her home.

And she paid a heavy price. She remains after being hit by a car. Then another person betrayed her by placing her near a trash can in the rain. She endured.

A small group of volunteers from Ljubljana, Slovenia, led by dog ​​lover Tanja Vidergar, care for and adopt abandoned and abandoned stray animals there. They decided to help her after learning about her pure soul.

“Those of us must and want to repair the injustice done to her. This time, we won’t be able to do much. His leg is crushed, his back is injured and he He couldn’t get rid of the mud, but he still Tanja Vidergar begged for his life while staring at us.

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