Siberian Huskies Saved A Kitten’s Life And Now She Believes She’s Huskies

Great friends are often made in stressful situations. When kitten Rօsie was rescued from the street at just three weeks old, she became the guardian of her Siberian husky Lilօ and the bond they formed was unbreakable.

Rosie the cat was rescued when she was just three weeks old. She was abandoned, frozen and starved to death. Her lucky day came when she was rescued and taken to live in a house next to three large dogs.

Siberian Huskies have a love-hate relationship with cats, some living in harmony, some with innate hunting instincts that they just can’t overcome. But the trio accepted poor little Rosie, and Lilo decided to become a surrogate mother.

“Rosie climbed into Lilo’s lap as she buried herself in her thick fur, her head down and curled up over her muzzle. As Rosie became more needy, Lilo became more tolerant and loving, which proved to be very important in the kitten’s recovery,” Love Meow said.

Now raised by huskies, Rosie fully believes that she is a dog herself and is never too far from her best friend Lilo. They go everywhere together. They still play, nap, cuddle and even travel with their owners.

While the huskies ran along the bike, Rosie settled comfortably and safely in the basket. Although Rosie enjoys a daily two-mile walk with the huskies, catching up to the pace is often a challenge for her tiny feet.

All of their escapes were documented on Lilo’s Twitter page, with photos showing Rosie and the huskies from three weeks old to full adulthood.

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When Rosie was young and separated in a raucous, raucous game, it was a miserable place to watch. Lilo and Rosie would sit on either side of the door and howl at each other.

“The two are inseparable, sleeping together at night and Rosie mimicking everything Lilo does, including sneaking in to feed the dog when we’re not looking,” the mother said, according to the White Wolf Pack.

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