Silicon Valley: Dinesh’s 10 Best Quotes

HBO series mimics the bustling tech hub of California’s Silicon Valley silicon valleyThe show, which has aired five seasons to date with a sixth set to air in 2020, has captured viewers’ attention for its hilariously over-the-top (but also somewhat realistic) take on what it’s like to work in the tech industry.

In the series, Richard Hendricks is an intelligent application developer who builds groundbreaking data compression algorithms. Although he knew nothing about business, he took a drastic step and decided to try to put his findings into practice. He enlisted the help of several developers, venture capitalists, and other influential people while battling tech giant Hooli (an obvious imitation of Google) eager to pre-empt the company.

One of his loyal employees/friends is Dinesh Chugtai, who is a typical programmer type, clumsy, self-centered, and very focused on his job. They were often the butt of jokes by team network engineer Bertram Gilfoyle, and their frenemy relationship resulted in some of the best back-and-forth insults on television. But with or without Guilfoyle, Dinesh held his own, delivering some hilarious lines that had the audience shaking their heads, laughing, or many times both.

Why live like a refugee?

“Why would someone who’s not a refugee choose to come here and live like a refugee? You know that’s not a desirable thing, right? Live like a refugee? Ugh! This place is for homeless people An offense.”

Dinesh immigrated from Pakistan and sometimes struggled to understand Californian pastimes, such as attending Burning Man and living in a tent like a refugee. If you think about it carefully, what he said does make sense. We can’t really argue with him there.

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crazy mode

“I love my Tesla. It has crazy mode, which means it goes from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, which is truly insane. But the Tesla that Danny ordered has ridiculous mode, which means it Zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds. So it takes me 0.4 seconds longer to hit 60. I mean, how would you feel if one of your neighbors had a bigger tiki head than yours?

Only Dinesh would spend thousands on a new Tesla after the company was funded just to impress others. But when he discovered that someone else had a better version, he became furious. Does 0.4 seconds really matter in the long run? According to Dinesh, it is. Because it’s not about having the best car, it’s about being the guy that everyone envies because he has the best car.

want to be first

“I used to be the Tesla guy in the office. I maxed out my credit card just to afford that thing. Now that we have the Series B, any bourgeois upstart millennial can go out and buy one. I don’t want to It sounds selfish, but sometimes I just wish I could make money. You know?

The second comment related to his Tesla, and Dinesh was very frustrated when he realized that more money was coming. Because it means that just about everyone in the company has the means to pick up a seemingly out-of-reach vehicle that he just invested a fortune in. And it hurts him even more because he bought it just to be able to say he was the only one who had it.

He has coding skills

“It was an out-of-body experience. It was like God was coding through me. Time was suspended.”

Dinesh may spend a lot of time exchanging insults with Gilfoyle on this hilarious series, but what it really boils down to is that he’s a very good software engineer with amazing coding skills. So when he’s in good form, he’s really in one. He was always proud, even boastful, of successfully completing his work.

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Nothing to lose

“I know all my embarrassing moments are on your phone and if you looked at it you would laugh at me endlessly and mercilessly. But it is also true that you have laughed at me endlessly and mercilessly. Laugh at me. So I have nothing to lose and potentially a huge gain.”

Dinesh and Guilfoyle argued over the secrets on their respective phones (one of them had to plug in his own phone to fix a system glitch), and Dinesh realized that after seeing the contents of Guilfoyle’s phone , no matter what joke he makes, it will never be worse than what he said himself. Got it anyway. But could Guilfoyle have something to hide? This excited Dinesh.

About dating

Dinesh in Silicon Valley

“If this was a real woman, getting murdered seems like an acceptable risk.”

Dinesh isn’t all that lucky with the ladies, so when he meets someone who seems genuinely interested in him and is super cute and smart, he thinks any problems with her can be ignored. Ax murderer? Crazy lunatic? If he gets a date and gets laid, it will all be worth it.

awkward conversation

“Me too. Just because it’s a movie doesn’t mean I’m going to like it.”

Dinesh is expected to be awkward and uncomfortable on his date with Mia. He doesn’t have many dates. So when he asks her if she likes movies and suggests they watch one, she replies that it depends, and his response is both embarrassing and hilarious.

Power went to his head

“I was CEO for 11 days and during that time I violated the rights of 50,000 little girls, subjected them to sexual predators and imposed a fine the size of a small country’s GDP.”

When Dinesh briefly took over the reins at CES, he approached Pied Piper with a new attitude (and hairstyle), and he was so focused on playing the character that he neglected some simple but extremely important details… like making sure to chat The website contains public terms of service that set age limits on who can join. Violate children’s online privacy protection rules? puff. No big deal.

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Denzel the Pakistani

“That’s me! Pakistani Denzel! Yes!”

Apparently, despite his awkward demeanor, Dinesh has an inflated ego. While testing Pied Piper video chat, he was excited when it actually worked and he could clearly see the woman from halfway around the world helping them test it out. Of course, this was a pretty girl, and when he referred to himself by that name, referring to the veteran actor with a killer smile, she was quick to mention her, uh, boyfriend.


“Look at these damn maggots. Crawling all over our trash, leaving behind a mediocre slime.”

After realizing the company’s financial situation, Richard made the difficult decision to fire his entire sales team and move back to the Hacker Hotel, a comment Dinesh made while watching vultures buy up office equipment. Whoever they are, there is no way they are as talented as Dinesh and his team.

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