Star Wars Admits Ahsoka Isn’t Even That Important In Her Own TV Show

warn! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka Episode 6.


  • Ahsoka Episode 6 proves that the show can work without Ahsoka herself, suggesting that she might not be as important as the title suggests.
  • The supporting characters and their storylines are more interesting than Ahsoka’s, engaging the audience and driving the narrative.
  • Ahsoka’s transformation in episode five puts her on the path to becoming a more compelling character, bringing back the spark of enthusiasm and adventure that audiences loved about her.

Ahsoka Episode six reveals that even in her own Disney+ TV show, heroes aren’t all that one can find fault Ahsoka The Disney+ TV show shows off its ambitions, with heroes and villains alike making their way to Peridea in a galaxy far, far away.even the whole history Star Wars The galaxy has been rewritten as interstellar travel seemed once commonplace.

While this may be exciting, it is making Ahsoka It feels a bit jarring.While Anakin Skywalker’s former apprentice is the main character, it’s clearly positioned as star wars rebels Season 5 – Its main villain Grand Admiral Thrawn also appears in the animated show.Apart from Ahsoka In episode five, the focus is rarely on Ahsoka Tano herself – something that episode six confirms.

Ahsoka just appeared in episode six, and it’s one of the best episodes yet

Ahsoka Episode six is ​​one of the best episodes yet, even though its hero only appears in the opening scene.This can be compared to boba fett booksDin Djarin takes over in episodes 5 and 6; it’s not that intrusive because, at least in this case, the characters are secondary to the game. Ahsoka They just got a chance to shine. Still, the fact remains that no audience protested Ahsoka’s absence the way they did Boba.Before you know it, the story becomes clear Ahsoka We can and do function without her involvement. Star Wars So proving Ahsoka might not be as important as the show’s title suggests.

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Ahsoka’s supporting cast is more interesting than the show’s star

In Ahsoka Episode 6, Belan Skoll and Sin Hardy are looking out over Peridia.

the simple fact is AhsokaThe supporting cast and characters are more interesting than Ahsoka herself. Villains like Beran Skor and Sin Hardy are all new, and their motivations and plots are more engaging for viewers than Ahsoka’s. Sabine Wren’s arc seemed to drive the narrative, as she was the one who successfully unlocked the Star Map and ultimately betrayed Ahsoka, allowing the villains to reach Peridia. Ahsoka spends most of her time reacting to other characters’ stories.

Rosario Dawson’s portrayal of Ahsoka Tano was criticized by many for being too stoic and withdrawn, lacking the character’s signature passion and her signature sense of spontaneity. for equality, Ahsoka Episode 5 emphasizes that there’s a reason for this; she’s weighed down by the weight of her past and alienated from those around her. But it makes it harder for us to connect with Ahsoka, sympathize with her, and understand her emotional response to events.

Will Ahsoka’s transformation make her a more compelling character?

Ahsoka wears new white costume in episode 5

That may not be the case for the rest of the series, though.Ahsoka undergoes a transformation Ahsoka Episode five puts her on the path to becoming Ahsoka White, a character change that takes place in star wars rebels” epilogue, and has since re-entered the story. Viewers have been quickly introduced to how this transformation helps Ahsoka regain her old self; the episode ends with her using the Force to resonate with animals, returning to the world she once used to first in the Force, and there’s a delightful sense of wonder in her interactions with Purrgil. Interestingly, Hu Yang even had to tell Ahsoka to return as they flew into Purrgil’s mouth. to their ship. It’s all reminiscent of the young, headstrong Ahsoka in “Ahsoka.” Star Wars: The Clone Warsthe Ahsoka everyone wants to see.

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While Ahsoka will still change from what she’s been through since the Clone Wars, there’s hope that Ahsoka’s character growth will bring back the spark of enthusiasm and adventure that audiences loved. This would help make Ahsoka more relevant in her episodes and make her absence from such episodes in the future more noticeable. at present, Ahsoka Episode 6 is fine without her, but it’s not a trend Star Wars May be intended to be retained. Ahsoka needs to continue to show how much she’s changed in order to keep up with the intrigue of the supporting characters around her.

Ahsoka New episodes are released every Tuesday at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Disney+.

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