Stranger Things: 10 Tattoos Only True Fans Will Understand

strange things Already a pop culture phenomenon, fans from all walks of life have become increasingly enthralled with the incredible performance. Between nostalgia, friendship, romance, small-town corruption, and sci-fi monsters, this series has everything to appeal to audiences.

So it’s no surprise that these die-hard fans wantstrange things Inspiration ink is permanently printed on their skin. Not only is the artwork special, but the meaning behind each tattoo associated with the show makes it truly special. Only true fans. strange things Check out the tattoos on this list and you’ll probably want to get yourself a show-inspired tattoo.

should i go or stay

The Clash’s Iconic Song Defines Season 1 strange thingsJonathan played the song for Will while reminiscing about that season, when he was trying to distract his younger brother from an argument with his parents. The song became a song that was played over and over again, and Will would even sing it to himself when he was upside down. The tattoo is clearly a tribute to the song’s importance in the first season.

Of course, to complete the beautiful artwork on this tattoo, we have the famous Christmas lights that Joyce used to communicate with her son when he was upside down that same season. The vibrant colors, clear lines, and beautiful depiction of Part 1’s arc make for an incredible tattoo.

point eleven

any strange things Fans will immediately recognize the origin of this tattoo. Eleven has an ink tattoo on her skin like the one we first saw in Season 1. This marker was used to track her down when one of the kids was taken to Hawkins lab for an experiment. It is also used as a way to introduce her instead of her real name.

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A fan of the show decided to honor the show and Eleven with the very ink she specifically saw. Its simplicity is absolutely perfect.

Dustin’s new tooth

in season 2 strange things, Dustin is ready to show off his shiny new teeth. In season one, we learn he has cranial dysplasia which caused him to lose all of his front teeth. Now he’s excited to put on a new smile and impress everyone – especially girls. His actions are to make noise to attract girls while also distracting his friends.

In the end, his new friend, Steve Harrington, tells him he just needs to stop doing it because it’s not cool. But it’s still a hilarious moment this fan decided to engrave in herself forever. This is a great piece of work and is sure to be a conversation starter. A comic effect with “grrr!” make it stand out even more.

barb is gone

This is another great return to that era strange things In the 1980s. Back then, when a child went missing, the missing person’s notice was usually affixed to the back of the milk carton.

As we all know, Barb disappeared in the first season, just like Will. It’s just that she didn’t make it alive. But here we see Hawkins’ missing person poster on her milk carton. We love this amazing artistic interpretation of Barb’s backstory and the fact that she was never found.

steve’s arm

Sometimes a big fan tattoo is very simple and still depicts a part of the fandom that they constantly strive to pursue. strange things Fans, the first thing that comes to mind when you see this work: Steve Harrington.

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During the final season of the first season, the bully hero turned bully nanny begins using it as his weapon of choice against the Demogorgon. He used this spiked baseball bat to help wound the devil at the crucial moment. This fan picked up their weapon and stamped it on their skin, showing their true dedication to the show and one of the most beloved characters of all time.


When Joyce discovered that the only way to contact her missing son Will was by using electricity — electric lights specifically — she went out and bought all the Christmas lights she had. can be found. She set up the system at home and let him talk to her with these lights and the alphabet.

In a dramatic thriller with Joyce and lights, Will spells out a word: “Run”. His message from the Upside Down is captured in this bright and beautiful composition. In addition to the scary warnings, the Christmas lights also revolve around the scary word.

Barb faced the devil

This is one of the most artistic and detailed tattoo designs on the list, featuring the silhouette of Barb and the fearsome Demogorgon that ended up taking her life. Barb was last seen on Steve Harrington’s pool diving board until she was taken to the Demogorgon lurking Upside Down.

The monsters hiding in the forest looking for prey emerged from her face. This beautiful and unique tattoo is a great tribute to Barb and her all-too-short life on the hit Netflix series.

Friends don’t lie

Mike and Eleven develop a deep and meaningful friendship in season one. As she gets used to the world and life Mike leads with his friends, he teaches her a lot. In particular, this moment is reflected in this tattoo, when Mike explains to Eleven that the friends keep their promises, and more specifically, they don’t lie.

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This has become a common saying for Eleven throughout the series, and it’s very important to her that no one she cares about will lie to her. We like to use the phrase depicted in the tattoo when Mike and Eleven talk, and also add the famous Christmas lights associated with the show.

upside down

Everyone can recognize it at a glance strange things The simple logo starts with the bright red color and the unique font they use. Fans of the movie also know that The Upside Down is a scary place in Hawkins, Indiana, and that if you get in there, there’s no way you can get out unscathed or even alive.

This die-hard fan took both ideas and mixed them. By using the signature logo font and the phrase Upside Down, they created a stunning tattoo whose simplicity just makes it better. We would love to have this ink.

Hopper’s Morning Essence

Another fan-favorite character on the show is Hawkins’ sheriff, Jim Hopper. When we first met him, he was working to look forward to two morning essentials: coffee and meditation. According to him, that is the meaning of the morning.

Fans of the series must feel the same way about their mornings – or really love Jim Hopper – because that’s why they chose to get a tattoo on the show. Whether it’s their favorite quote or Jim himself – or both – it really is the perfect way to show them some love. strange things Wear this artwork on them.

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