“Super Sized Salon” Is Set To Be Released Soon On WE TV

WE Tv will present its viewers with a new reality program, Super Sized Salon, on July 29th at 10:30 PM ET/PT. The program will present a completely unique beauty salon for the plus size population. The video, which was filmed at the famous Babydoll Beauty Couture hair salon in Las Vegas, shows various plus size clients shamelessly using all the facilities of the salon.

The first season of Super Sized Salon will be more than just a salon series for its audience. Instead, the series will have an exciting drama involving experienced salon stylists. They will have a mixture of personal and professional conflicts, but they must continue to provide the greatest service to their consumers.

The official synopsis of the program is as follows:

Can Babydoll Beauty Couture Salon band together to make women of all sizes feel and look beautiful as rising tensions cause unrest among stylists?

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In the past, Super Sized Salon Season 1 has also emphasized body acceptance.

Viewers should be aware that Babydoll Beauty Couture, the show’s featured salon, has been promoting body acceptance since 2012. The salon, which is owned by makeup artist Jamie Lopez, welcomes women of all shapes, sizes and colors. According to a Cosmopolitan story, Jamie Lopez is fed up with the way the beauty business treats her differently because of her size. Furthermore, several salons charge an additional fee to clients who are “overweight”. Jamie explained her motivation for starting a body acceptance salon in an interview with Yahoo Beauty:

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“I was motivated by the fact that I couldn’t get my nails or hair done anywhere in Vegas that would meet my requirements as a plus size woman, and I realized it was time to make some changes for plus size ladies. the globe,” she says.

Lopez sought to completely change the narrative of the industry, which prompted her to create Babydoll Beauty Couture in Los Angeles. Furthermore, in 2017, she launched a new salon in Las Vegas. In addition, the salon has a diverse group of five salon professionals who will participate in the Super Sized Salon program. It features Astra, nicknamed “Funky Chunky”, who brightens up her team of stylists with her enthusiastic and encouraging demeanor, which helps them work with optimism in the midst of stressful circumstances.

Then there’s A-Love, a holistic hair care specialist who normally keeps her employees in good spirits, but no one can escape her wrath when she loses her cool. 007, a close friend of Lopez’s, also works as an in-house stylist at the salon. She is very protective of Lopez and excels in providing the sexiest plus size intimates and one-of-a-kind glitter jobs.

Large size salon

He is the sensible, calm “mother bear” of the team, a well-known hairdresser and make-up artist. Instead of Jamie Lopez, she is the deputy salon manager. After all, BB is a make-up artist and esthetician who is honest and tells it like it is. Super Sized Salon produces for WE tv Boat Rocker’s Matador Content, with Jay Peterson, Todd Lubin, Pam LaLima and Sam Brown serving as executive producers. Lauren P. Gellert and Kari McFarland serve as executive producers for WE tv. The Super Sized Salon debut will air on We Tv on July 29th at 10:30pm ET/PT.

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