Taylor Hale Was Crowned Head Of Household And Will Appear In The “Big Brother” Finale

Big Brother Season 24 eviction airs on CBS on Thursday, September 15, 2022 at 9:00 p.m. ET. The hour-long show passed as contestants Taylor and Alyssa allied with each other and determined their place among the season’s top 4 contestants. After Brittany canceled her vote, the live vote ended in a draw, forcing Head of Department (HoH) Monte to make the final decision, resulting in Alyssa being dropped from the game.

With a new week of Big Brother starting into the finale, Taylor, Monte, Turner and Brittany competed in a new Household Owner competition. In a pleasant shock to the crowd, fan-favorite Taylor Hale won the challenge, taking home the powerhouse as well as a direct ticket to the finale.

The popular reality TV competition season 24 is being enthusiastically watched by the public. Since the show’s premiere, some contestants have received positive feedback from fans, while others have been criticized for their games and statements against other members. With the last four players on board, it’s anyone’s game and next week will be interesting.

Fans are thrilled when Taylor is crowned as the head of the Big Brother family.

Although the show started off with Taylor on the block leaving viewers worried for her safety, she wasn’t the one to be eliminated. After Alyssa was evicted from the Big Brother house, the remaining housemates, Taylor, Turner and Brittany, with the exception of the reigning HoH Monte, competed in a new challenge. Taylor became the new HoH, given the right to sell two other members as well as direct tickets to the Big Brother finals, in a move that was anticipated by viewers but also came at a crucial moment for the game.

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Taylor was eliminated from the first week, and was eliminated by several other candidates. The house is also the main target of the Girl’s Girls alliance, which includes Ameerah, Nicole, Paloma, Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa. However, the group was kicked out. Fans were so delighted with Taylor’s win at such an important time of the match, many took to social media to share their joy.

He easily overtakes girls

We love the full circle moment.

An alliance built on jealousy and attacking Taylor could now see her make it to the final four. #BB24 pic.twitter.com/rXFIBJeuFE

– bibi (@bibigbrother) September 16, 2022

No matter what anyone says, taylor’s brother is TI. Oh my God. #BB24 pic.twitter.com/TghL0GNr5g

— Mel (@melbrown00) September 16, 2022

What does HoH Taylor’s win mean for the rest of Big Brother week?

Now that Alyssa has been appointed to the jury, there are only four contestants left on the show to compete for the championship and $750,000 in prize money. However, the jury has the most important task because they will choose who will be crowned the champion of the season in the final night. The judges of Big Brother Season 24 are currently Indy, Jasmine, Joseph, Kyle, Terrance, Michael and Alyssa. Most of them are happy with Taylor’s game and support her. Therefore, the current week will be very important for HoH to make some important decisions.

Taylor would have originally made it to the finals alongside Brittany, making them the two female Top 2 finalists. While voting, Taylor relied on Brittany’s support to defend her when she questioned Turner’s vote, despite the latter being a close ally of Alyssa. However, it is quite the opposite. Despite being Alyssa’s best friend, Turner chose Big Brother over friendship and voted to fire the latter. Meanwhile, it was Brittany who reversed her vote and split Taylor by voting for her.

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Taylor hale

It will be interesting to see who Taylor will vote for next week as she knows Britanny tried to surprise her in the previous vote. On the other hand, the new HoH told Alyssa that he would make sure the two women were the last two. However, with Taylor’s blossoming scene with Monte, the dynamics in the home can change quickly.

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