The animal you see in this optical illusion reveals your personality & whether you’re strong minded, so what do you see?

At first glance, what animal do you see when you look at this festive optical illusion?

The Christmas-themed image actually features eight different animals associated with the Christmas season, and which one you choose reveals a lot about your personality.


Optical illusion reveals who you really are Credit: Hunkemöller/Jackpotjoy

So whether you see a partridge, known from the Twelve Days of Christmas song, or one of Santa’s faithful reindeer, you’ll be able to learn more about what kind of person you are.

Here we reveal what the results of a fun quiz created by Jackpotjoy really mean, plus what others see when they look at you.


If this was the first animal that jumped at you, it has something to carry you.

According to experts, you not only value privacy, but also peace and coherence.

It can also mean that you are a trustworthy person, known for your loyalty and responsibility, but you may not be particularly spontaneous.


Seeing a donkey means one very important thing: you are a very strong person.

You are known for standing your ground and don’t hesitate to shoot from the hip if you feel the need to.

However, this is not to take away from his loving side, as he is also known in his circle for being kind and offering helpful care and guidance.


Santa’s loyal reindeer have a lot in common with you.

First of all, you like being in a tribe or a tight-knit community, just like Rudolph and company.

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Meanwhile, people trust you for your knowledge and resilience.


If a small bird with a red breast catches your eye, it means that you are practically solving problems.

You’re also focused on achieving your goals, well, probably like a to-do list, but it’s still important despite your ambition.

Other things that come to mind are that you appreciate the beauty of art, nature, and the simple things in life.


A dove is a sure sign of love and friendship, which means that you are likely to be seen as a considerate and calm person in your group.

Not only do you love helping others and are very people-oriented, but people also give you credit for creating a peaceful environment wherever you go.

Because you are so laid back and friendly, you often avoid any signs of conflict and hate change.

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Perhaps the animal most synonymous with Christmas, the turkey has many signs that speak to you.

This animal indicates that you are likely to be generous to others, but also selfless because you expect nothing in return.

You are also known to pay close attention to your loved one’s wants and needs and to always take care of your relationships.


As a small creature, you are full of energy and others see you cheerful and confident.

Also, you are never afraid of new situations and thrive when you are out of your comfort zone.

So whether you’re taking the plunge, whether it means a new challenge, meeting new people, or getting out of your comfort zone.

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Finally, the partridge is a sign that you value your closest friends and family.

This means that when someone gains your trust, you will be incredibly loyal and unwavering.

Meanwhile, you also tend to be more quiet and reserved when you don’t feel comfortable.

Many people see a polar bear in the picture for the first time.


Many people see the polar bear in the image for the first time Credit: Getty

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