The Bachelorette Star Tyler Cameron Announced His Split With Paige Lorenze

Former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron and his ex-girlfriend Paige Lorenze have split after a few weeks of dating. Cameron was previously in a relationship with model Camila Kendra before marrying Paige Lorenze. Tyler Cameron confirmed the divorce on Monday on EDaily !’s Pop:

“But now is not an ideal moment for any of us. Yes, I’m alone.”

Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenza breakup details

Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze started dating in mid-July. However, after three weeks of dating, the couple broke up. Tyler said about his divorce from Paige:

“We just had to take a step back.” It wasn’t the right time… We came back [to] we don’t go out and are just doing our own thing right now. We both have a lot of respect and love for each other, but this is not the right time for either of us.”

Paige, a 24-year-old former skier, admitted to Page Six that their split was amicable. She stated:

“I’m really single.” There was no dramatic breakup or bad blood between us. I’m more focused on work than ever before, and my priority has to be my clothing company and my profession — which is why I need to be in NYC right now.”

Paige is now “focused” on herself after making “significant life changes for previous relationships.”

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Paige Lorenze and Tyler Cameron met in a pub.

Tyler and Paige met at a pub in New York, and things took off from there. According to him, Us Weekly:

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“It’s all about energy.” And some people just move me differently, that’s how it works.”

Rumors about their relationship first appeared in June this year. Paige revealed their relationship by posting a TikTok video of Tyler helping her make dinner. The now-ex couple even made their relationship Instagram official on July 31 after the social media star posted their “cruise” in her Massachusetts hometown. Tyler then said that Paige is “amazing” and “unique” and that they are “learning a lot about each other.”

Tyler Cameron

He stated that he was always in a hurry in everything, including relationships, but now he is learning that it is “okay to slow down”, especially when it comes to his love life. He previously stated:

“I’m terrible at it. “I’m still trying to learn it,” he told us on Sunday. “My problem is that I basically hit the gas pedal in everything I do in life – dating, exercise, ambition.” As a result, the revs skyrocket and the engine or whatever explodes. I need to find out how to ease the gas pedal a bit. I’m a romantic. I enjoy being around people and seeing where things go… I’m just excited.”

The headliner previously dated The Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Gigi Hadid. Paige has previously been linked to Armie Hammer and country singer Morgan Wallen.

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