A dying mother is grateful for someone she can entrust her children to when they pass away. We rarely find someone worthy of our trust, and when we are sure, we are at peace.

In fact, it is up to us as individuals whether we make ourselves trustworthy. The same goes for animals who know people they can trust.

Their behavior towards us is a guide to how we should respond to them. A mother cow named Freser has just given birth to her first and last calves and is grateful to Ismael for helping her with the birthing process.

Due to her unstable health, Freser had difficulty in giving birth. Ismael reassured Freser and did his best to make her comfortable during the procedure. Freser responded with tenderness and a kiss.

When the delivery was over, Freser began to cry. Yes, believe it or not, the mother cow continued to cry, tears streaming down her face.

At that time, her health showed no signs of improving. Freser’s condition was especially weak after she gave birth to her daughter Savi. After giving birth, she could no longer stand up. Even during the birth, the doctor did not find any bleeding.

Freser started to cry, maybe she knew something was wrong. After the baby was born and safe, Freser continued to kiss Ismael, as if to show her gratitude. “Take good care of my daughter, believe me!”

This was her last “goodbye”. She is transferred to another place, leaving behind her daughters Savi and Ismael. Freser is sure that Ismael will take good care of baby Savi. The next day, after giving birth, Freser died. She was at peace.

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Since then, Ishmael has kept his promise to Freser. Ishmael now cares for Savi, along with other bulls and bulls, at the Fundacion Santuario Gaia (Gaia Conservation Fund). You can watch a video of Freser, her daughters Savi and Ismaela here. Here is another video of Freser’s story before her death.

Watch the video below:

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