The Flash Movie Villain’s Powers Revealed by Merch

New details about speed The film’s villain and his powers have been revealed through new merchandise. The DCEU is coming to an end and a new DC Universe is currently in development. However, there are still some DCEU movies in the works before the new DC Studios franchise launches. One of all speed The film first began development in 2014. Ezra Miller returns as Barry Allen, but they’re playing more than one version of the iconic DC hero. Throughout the marketing, Miller was seen portraying two iterations of Barry, one of which came from the New Universe.

one of the great mysteries about speed The movie is the villain of the whole story. Through a merchandise promotion, a mysterious figure named Dark Flash appears speed Great bad potential. Although little is known about Dark Flash, Buzzfeed BR (overcome direct) managed to discover new information about him. An upcoming movie collection will include the Dark Flash character. But thanks to a new product description, some details about Dark Flash’s capabilities have finally been revealed:

There will be two series with different scales but the same character: two versions of The Flash, Batman and the villain Dark Flash – who stole the souls of the Speed ​​Heroes.

Everything We Know About The Flash Villain Dark Lightning

Dark Flash is said to be the speed at which DCEU’s Flash has been fighting in recent games speed introductory video. Whether this is the case remains to be seen. In the comics, Dark Flash (exactly Black Flash) is actually the Death God of the Speedsters. However, the DCEU seems to be taking the Dark Flash in a new direction, based on speed Product information.

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popular one speed Cinematography suggests that Dark Flash is a double of Barry’s. Although the two Barrys are allies from the start, it’s possible that the new Barrys will take on the form of the Dark Flash throughout the story. The idea that he can steal Speedster’s soul is a bit different from the one in his comics. It makes the DCEU’s Dark Flash sound less like a Speedster and more like a villain.

If Dark Flash is really another Barry, let’s see speed The movies have taken him on this trajectory. speed Dark Flash may even play some role in the second half of the story. Just a few more months, time will tell speed The series works exclusively with Dark Flash this summer.

Source: Buzzfeed BR (from The Direct)

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