Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Review – Classic Survival Horror Shows Its Age

Fatal Frame: Eclipse Maskfrom Koei Tecmo Games and Grasshopper Manufacture, the fourth installment in the survival horror series core architecture. It has now been remade for the current generation game and has finally been released in the West.

exist Fatal Frame: Eclipse Mask, the player follows four different characters through several environments on the desolate island of Rogetsu, where the once-year-old Kagura festival takes place. During a festival, five girls are kidnapped and subsequently lose their memory. Years later, 2 of the 5 girls die mysteriously, the remaining 3 return to the island with the detective who found them to investigate the truth.

style play Fatal Frame: Eclipse Mask Follow the same recipe as the other entries in core architecture series. Players will use the famous camera obscura to shoot ghosts, dealing damage and often repelling them. The Camera Obscura can also be upgraded with powerful lenses, better film, and other accessories, making it an even more effective weapon against the specter of Rogetsu Isle. Players will also participate Fatal Frame: Eclipse MaskTransform Moonlight to repel and damage multiple ghosts at once.

for the fans core architecture series, Fatal Frame: Eclipse Mask After almost fifteen years of waiting, this will be a game not to be missed. The graphics have been significantly updated and the atmosphere is reminiscent of the most classic survival horror movies. However, given its age, many aspects of the gameplay feel outdated, including the sticky mechanics and complicated controls for interacting with objects. These aspects emphasize Fatal Frame: Eclipse Mask recovers its full potential as a truly great remake of a classic suitable for a modern audience.

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The most obvious and compelling aspect of the remake is that it looks pretty good, with updated graphics from the 2008 original. The story is still interesting, even though it’s mostly told in newspaper clippings, Diaries and notebooks are scattered throughout the environment. Fatal Frame: Eclipse Mask It feels like a survival horror experience reminiscent of classic games evil resident And silent hill. In the midst of battle with aggressive ghosts, players also encounter “ghosts” that appear for a few seconds and display a moment in the past. They can take pictures if the player is fast enough and award bonus points, but they also let the player know they are on the right track.

Main problem Fatal Frame: Eclipse Mask Something to do with cumbersome controls and game mechanics. The mouse and keyboard controls are confusing and remapping doesn’t help. Controller users don’t necessarily get much better, as character movements are noticeably stiff and slow, even while running. The flashlights needed to find hidden objects are also bulky and difficult to move.

deadly frame eclipse mask misaki ghost mirror

The developers chose to keep most of the original Wii version Fatal Frame: Eclipse Mask, which involves illuminating a hidden object with a flashlight, then holding down the B key to let the character “reach out” and grab the object. Also, the save mechanism is still quite outdated, as the player can only save near one lantern, usually in the first main room of a new area. While the location is pretty focused, constantly going back and forth to save can be frustrating, and considering how many ghost encounters happen as the story progresses, it could take you anywhere from ten five to twenty minutes or more each time.

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Madoka Ayako Room's Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Survival horror fans and wider fans core architecture series, will learn a lot about the remake Fatal Frame: Eclipse Mask After more than ten years of waiting. Gameplay and story based on classic photography Fatal Frame: Eclipse Mask make it one of the best in the series and if you’re lucky, more core architecture This release will spawn a remake or sequel of the series.

Fatal Frame: Eclipse Mask Now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. For the purposes of this review, a Steam code has been provided for Screen Rant.

  • core architecture

    Franchise: Deadly Frames

    Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox (original)

    Release period: 2001-12-13

    Developer: Tecmo

    Publisher: Tecmo

    Genre: Survival Horror


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