The Lord Of The Rings: 11 Details About Sauron’s Costume You Never Noticed

The Dark Lord Sauron takes up only a fraction of the screen time in the over nine-hour trilogy (extended version), but the hideous armor he wears, the horned hat on his head, and the giant mace that he used was enough to impress. everybody Lord of the Rings darth vader in the movie Star Wars And Thanos inside Detachment of revengeSauron’s wickedness needs to be as memorable as any other great villain in the movie.

One of the ways to do this, especially for a limited-edition character like Sauron, is to use really unique skins. Peter Jackson and the creative team at Weta Studios spent a lot of time designing Sauron’s look. Since JRR Tolkien never explicitly explains Sauron’s likeness in his epic fantasy novels, it’s up to them to bring him to life. Jackson’s trilogy is praised for its meticulous attention to detail in costumes, and Dark Lord is no exception. Here are 10 details about Sauron’s outfit that you never noticed.

Updated by Kayleena Pierce-Bohen on September 1, 2022: Fans are once again endorsed by Tolkien as The Lord of the Rings: The Lord of the Rings premieres on Amazon Prime Video Enchanted by the magic of Middle-earth in an era that predates the events of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings series by thousands of years. Sauron isn’t the Dark Lord ruling over Mordor, but that hasn’t stopped fans from admiring some of his most iconic outfits.

His armor is collaboratively designed

According to the Lord of the Rings companion book, The Lord of the Rings: The Art of Unity of the Ring by Gary Russell, Sauron’s armor design was the result of a team of artists. The Armory section lists some of the earliest sketches of Sauron’s armor designs by John Howe.

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Warren Mahy and Christian Rivers were also among the names mentioned, who provided additional concepts for the armor we saw in the first installment of the Alan Lee trilogy that was supposed to be the evolution of the suit. Sauron’s Spire Helm finalization and design, This gives his “face” a hideous and intimidating appearance.

This is to reflect Sauron’s ingenuity

Sauron in The Lord of the Rings

Since Sauron is the spirit of Maia, Ole’s servant, and Valar’s blacksmith, his workmanship is unmatched. The armor he created when Middle-earth was still young is said to be more beautiful, if not more ornate, than any of the elves’ mithril suits.

When Sauron faced the last of the Goblin-Human alliance, his armor was old and decaying, reflecting centuries of use. At that time, he no longer had big eyes and eyes, but was a little solid, so no matter what weapon he had to resist.

It is based on Morgoth’s design

Sauron’s armor was never depicted in Tolkien’s books, but Peter Jackson decided to use elements of Morgoth’s armor to explain to the designer what he thought it would look like. Morgoth, a fallen member of Valar, is determined to conquer Middle-earth and make Sauron his loyal servant with the promise of restoring order from chaos.

John Howe, Tolkien’s illustrator Silmarillion, Picture Sauron’s master, with a crown with three jagged spikes on his hat, full body armor, a large cloak, and a greatsword he can wield with both hands. Jackson thought it made sense that when Morgoth was chained for war crimes, Sauron would build armor of the same type to replace him.

It’s as unique as the ring you forge

The Lord of the Rings on Sauron's Finger

Designed to reflect Sauron’s personality, the armor is unique to him and as unique in the forging process as the Ring. The curving intaglios contrast with the strong ugliness of all the sharp spikes, blades and edges, mimicking the look of black spikes.

The designers at Weta Workshop wanted it to look jarring because Sauron didn’t want to wear any armor that resembled elves, humans, or any other race. He will want to channel all the dark and terrifying evil he can to reflect his wicked malice.

it’s surprisingly complicated

Sauron is one of the best characters Lord of the Rings Screen time is limited, but his armor is complex. He wore armor and jagged chain mail, skirt and sleeves. He wears a collar, a breastplate, a shoulder plate, body armor, armor, a breastplate, leggings, and riding boots, all of which have a variety of curved, serrated, or straight silhouettes.

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His helmet is designed to resemble the skull of a horse, with giant spikes resembling Barad-dur’s crown or horns. It is said that his helmet and armor were charred from being worn by him for so long, and his body burned from within with a tempered rage.

His scepter is very detailed

Although it’s about the size of Sauron’s mace (5 feet long), it’s hard to tell how much detail it has. It was made of the same black iron as his armor, and had six sharp blades fastened to its head. The same intaglio design surrounding his armor is also engraved along the handle, resembling the ivy-like weed that grows at the foot of the Minas Morgul bridge.

Although it is not the most iconic weapon Lord of the RingsSauron created it to mimic Grond, the Hammer of Nether, which he is known to have carried during the First Age when his master Morgoth attempted to slaughter high-ranking members of the Eldar.

it comes with a special dagger

One concept of how to forge the Ring involved a special dagger that was part of Sauron’s Weapons. According to legend, in a rage, the gold melted in his palm, he stabbed the dagger into his palm, the gold surrounded the dagger into a ring.

The blood from his wound also seeped into the molten gold and, as a form of alchemy, magically forged the Ring. The dagger then shattered and was never seen again. That doesn’t matter, since his main weapon of choice is his giant mace.

it was worn by a man in a deleted scene

The Lord of the Rings Sauron vs Aragorn

During the First and Second Ages, before his soul fully served Morgoth, Sauron was able to take on a beautiful appearance. To please the Elves or the Númenor Men, he usually takes the form of a handsome, graceful, ethereal man.

Peter Jackson pretty much included Aragorn confronting him at the Black Gate, and Sauron came out that way. In the expanded version of the deleted scene, you can see what Sauron looks like when he has his physical form instead of without eyelids or ghosts.

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The Blu-ray release introduces subtle details of his dress to reflect his past

Sauron frowned

While most of Sauron’s armor is functional or just terrifying, the Blu-ray version Lord of the Rings The trio revealed that the sleeves and tunic that can be glimpsed underneath his armor are made of thick woven fabric, very similar to what he wears in Elves.

Weta’s creatives added details to the costume that didn’t stand out in the movie, in the form of little Easter eggs for those curious enough to notice. Attention to detail is not only their business card, but also points to some fragments of the Dark Lord’s past, when he is depicted as a blond man in the Second Age.

some people revived him

While most viewers thought that Sauron was created almost entirely with CGI, they were wrong, as some people wore armor and resurrected the Dark Lord. According to the DVD commentary for Peter Jackson and the Trilogy, he wanted someone who was “9 feet tall” convincingly.

When he appeared as “Towering Black Knight,” Sarah Baker played him in armor, with Alan Howard voicing him.exist hobbits In the trilogy, when he appears in his near-visible form as the necromancer, he is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, who also provides the ability to record his movements to give Sauron a some shape.

Unused aspect used for Witch King

If there are similarities between the Sorcerer King Angmar and the Dark Lord Sauron (or if you may be wondering why Sauron changed his armor in the third movie), it’s no coincidence. random. During the development of Sauron’s final design, many discarded parts were used to bring the Sorcerer King back to life.

He wears an equally elaborate suit of armor, with a mace and dagger (which he used to stab Frodo), and to mimic the monster he rides, his shoulder armor and leggings spread. out, and in some places look like dragon wings. The jagged, thorny appearance of his crown and armor was intended to convey Sauron’s will, even when Sauron was not present.

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