The Office: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Dwight As A Character

Rainn Wilson became a household name after playing Dwight Schrute office. Nine seasons later, the role that landed him in Black Wind, Mother and Utopia. Still, it’s hard to imagine any new role after his days as Dunder Mifflin Scranton’s top salesman.

On an episode of Brian Baumgartner Podcast office deep dive, Wilson told his former colleagues that fans kept coming up to him and quoting his lines. However, there was one statement that got the most attention—he didn’t even say it. “People always say, ‘I want you to write Bear. Beets. Battlestar Galactica’ [when] I want to sign a photo or something like that, or [they want me to] Talk. Like, Dwight never really said anything like that. In two hundred episodes, Dwight never said, ‘Bear. sugar beet. Galactica Warrior. It’s Jim…” Still, fans like to recall the moments of Dwight that defined his personality, and the memes are here to prove it.

Dwight’s glory disappeared as soon as it appeared

Dwight’s dream is to become the Area Manager for Dunder Mifflin Scranton, but with Michael Scott’s resistance, Dwight has to wait. In the end, Dwight got the job for a short time — and it was only temporary because of what he did.

Instead of creating a professional work environment, Dwight wore the gun at his waist as a show of dominance. Everyone is uncomfortable with the gun and begs him to keep it at home. In a ridiculous meme scene, Dwight shows off his gun to demonstrate its safety – accidentally shooting in the process. The accident damaged Andy’s hearing and caused him to be fired from his position of area manager. But it made this great meme from @Knights_of.the_Night detail Dwight’s character.

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dwight’s perfect crime

Michael has some hilarious “I hate Toby” lines, but he goes too far when he tries to pin Toby for drug use in “Framed Toby”. Meanwhile, Dwight explains his “perfect crime”. Of course, it doesn’t make much sense to the audience, but it perfectly depicts Dwight’s personality.

During the conversation, Dwight explained that while stealing a chandelier from famous jeweler Tiffany & Co., he met Tiffany herself. The two slept together and are said to have met in Paris years later. Dwight ignores the plan and instead goes to Berlin to find the chandelier he stole years ago. This meme from @OfficeTheMeme pokes fun at Dwight’s story while also bringing it to life.

Be the inspiration for the Dwight apples! ?

Although Dwight and Jim work together for a few episodes, they are more commonly seen fighting.

After Jim impersonated Dwight, Dwight became increasingly displeased, “determining theft is no joke”. Later, however, Dwight gave him a taste of his own potion and took on the role of Jim. Wearing Jim’s signature blue shirt and tie, Dwight looks at the camera the same way Jim does. This look by @DwightSchrutedays inspired the hilarious meme. Though the facial expression may be Jim’s, the character’s essence screams at Dwight.

When Jim, Michael and Dwight got Utica

For a while, the timeline of Jim and Dwight’s friendship stretched, and they acted more like colleagues than arch enemies.

In one episode, Dwight and Michael want to “burn Utica” after Karen snipes Stanley for her own salesman. Without telling Jim where they were going, Michael and Dwight tricked him into taking revenge in Utica. For camouflage, the trio wore warehouse uniforms and fake beards. Interestingly, @OfficeThaMemes pointed out how similar the overalls to the uniforms worn by Dwight and his colleagues.

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When Angela helps him to his feet…

@Tthe.Officee likens Dwight looking for Angela in his white coat to a father in their driveway asking who’s coming back. Crazy, if a strange car turns into Dwight’s ranch, he’ll step outside to see who it is, too.

In this episode, Dwight and Angela have an affair when they are engaged to Andy. Whenever she’s frustrated with Andy, she’ll sleep with Dwight in the barn. However, on rare occasions, Angela remains loyal to Andy and takes Dwight into the warehouse. His confused look while wearing an outfit that fans don’t normally see became an instant meme.

Document Office fans have been waiting

Dwight eventually became a capable manager in Season 9, but he had worked for the company more than a decade before that. Since the only reason to film Dunder Mifflin was to make a documentary on paper, it made sense for a streaming service like Netflix to make a documentary about the Dwight years.

Learn more about Dwight’s youth and how he became a future manager in a delightfully fictional documentary for insiders office universe. Funnily enough, the poster art for this meme is based on Netflix Do murder.

iconic teapot

Jim is happy to give Pam something special in Santa’s Secret. Knowing that Pam wanted a teapot on his desk, he chose the most suitable one. This is a major milestone in Pam and Jim’s potential relationship.

In the teapot, he placed a silly memento of their friendship. However, when Michael changes the rules of the game, Dwight walks away with Pam’s precious gift. @The.Office.Alliance created a meme describing Pam’s reaction to seeing what Dwight did to her teapot. As the meme said, we want Pam to rinse the teapot before drinking because it’s in Dwight’s nose…

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Genuine Peaky blinds

if series bloody gangster At about what time office According to the records, Michael’s alternate self could be Thomas Shelby, one of the main characters. The series takes place around the 1920s and focuses on a family gang known as the Peaky Blinders.

The group often banded together and sneaked their way, much like Michael and Dwight did. Dwight and Michael are always looking for ways to find more information or get what they want in the office. @TheComplexWorldz finished it off with this comparison of memes.

Dwight’s version of Santa Claus

When Dwight was in charge of organizing the Christmas party that year, he wanted it to be a true reflection of his childhood. Instead of having a fun, classic Santa Claus, Dwight insisted on dressing up as Belsnick. Belsnickel is a harsher version of Santa who instills fear in children instead of cheering Christmas.

Dressing up as scary Santa is supposed to keep the kids honest and well-behaved so that Belsnickel doesn’t scare them off when Christmas arrives. Although Belsnickel is a real figure in German folklore, it also appears in the Dutch community in Pennsylvania, which is why Dwight is so enamored with it. This meme reflects Dwight’s personality as he tells his son to fear Belsnickel and ignore Santa.

Dwight will draw 25

@The_OfficeInstaFans nailed it with this meme. There have been several times where Dwight should have apologized to the office. Whether that nearly burned the place down, gave Stanley a heart attack, or shot himself as a manager, Dwight owes a lot of apologies.

This meme is about Dwight’s annoying personality because he would rather draw 25 cards in a game Uno Instead of apologizing to the people he cares about. He’s just stubborn like that.

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