The Price Is Right’s Drew Carey Reveals How Bob Barker’s Calm ‘Demeanor’ Inspired His Approach to Hosting

Bob Barker made an impression on many people before he died, including himself The The price is right successor, Drew Carey.

Carey, who took over hosting the long-running game show in 2007, praised the late show host’s confident on-camera demeanor and his special way with contestants during a recent interview with Party tonight.

“He was so good at this,” Carey, 65, said of his predecessor. “On The price is right stage, he was so good at relating to people and getting them to relax and be themselves. Watch his behavior and attitude. He never looked stressed.”

Drew Carey pays tribute to predecessor Bob Barker: ‘I will always carry his memory in my heart’

Watching Barker’s behavior ultimately helped Carey with his own hosting duties, he told ET.

“I learned to relax when I’m on stage and not be so nervous about what’s going on. I just have to own the performance and make it like my living room, because he was so comfortable in front of the camera,” he explained, later adding: “He always seemed to be in control [like] everything will be fine. I don’t always think so! But I can fake it in an hour.”

Former ‘Price is Right’ host Bob Barker during the game show’s 34th season premiere in Los Angeles, California. Jesse Grant/WireImage

Barker died Aug. 26, 2023, at the age of 99 at his home in the Hollywood Hills of Alzheimer’s disease, according to his death certificate obtained by PEOPLE.

He left behind a substantial legacy. As the host of the longest-running game show in US history, the TV star was part of pop culture and a familiar face to generations of viewers.

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Bob Barker remembered as ‘Legend’ and ‘Master of the Game’ in heartfelt ‘Price Is Right’ prime-time tribute

Barker will also be remembered down the years for his steadfast support of animal rights, from his unique message at the end The price is right, reminding viewers to bring their pets to be spayed and neutered to his work through his organizations.

“He loved the idea that people enjoyed watching these shows,” Barker’s longtime companion Nancy Burnet told PEOPLE in August. “He got letters from some of them saying, ‘We’re trying to schedule our classes so we can watch the show.'”

“But what he would most like to be remembered for is his work for animals,” she adds. “He changed America and maybe some other countries. He educated people and raised their awareness so they started asking questions. His message, I think, brought that home.”

Bob Barker (left) and Drew Carey on the set of "The Price Is Right"

Bob Barker (L) and Drew Carey on the set of ‘The Price Is Right’.

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Remembering Bob Barker’s life in photographs

This isn’t the first time Carey has spoken out and paid tribute to Barker’s legacy. After his death in August, the comedian announced touching tribute to X (formerly known as Twitter).

“A very sad day for The price is right family and animal lovers around the world,” he wrote. “There wasn’t a day on set that I didn’t think of Bob Barker and thank him. I will always carry his memory in my heart,” Carey wrote, adding the hashtag #RIPBobBarker.” He concluded his tribute with the simple words: “We love you ❤️.”

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‘The Price Is Right’ host Drew Carey knew he ‘could never be Bob Barker and didn’t want to try’

Carey also hosted a special CBS special honoring Barker. During the hour-long special, Carey spoke fondly of the late host.

“Bob had an incredible 50-year career in television, something that will never be repeated. thanks to bob, The price is right became part of the American fabric, a multi-generational legacy of viewers who loved it along with the shared experience of watching the series with their grandparents, children or when they were sick from school – a bond that continues to this day,” he said.

He added, “You know, I mentioned the word ‘legend’ earlier and how that word gets thrown around a lot these days. It couldn’t be more fitting when you think of Bob’s time The price is right.”

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