The Real Housewives of Miami: 10 Things To Know About Dr. Nicole

season 5 of true housewives of miami An epic film is currently being offered to the audience due to the divorce of Lisa and Lenny Hochstein. In addition to their split, there is drama between Dr. Nicole Martin and the other members.

Nicole joined the reboot in season 4 and quickly became an audience favorite thanks to the many hats she wore. She’s also not afraid to speak her mind, which makes her an excellent housewife. However, as a new member of the group, there is still a lot to learn about this blockbuster addition.

One of the coolest things about Nicole is her medical degree. There aren’t too many medical professionals in the franchise who are also housewives, making her a web unicorn. While she doesn’t post much about her career on social media, her credentials speak for themselves.

According to Bravo, as a board-certified anesthesiologist, she currently works at Lennar Foundation Medical Center. The website also mentions that she is a member of the “American Society of Anesthesiologists, American Association of Regional Anesthesiologists and Anesthesiologists, and Florida Society of Anesthesiologists.” Smart and beautiful, some housewives envy her success.

she is a writer

if there’s one thing you need to know rom Restarting is something that Ni can start with perseverance and energy. Although Nicole is a new member of the group, she is not afraid to speak the truth or her achievements. She is proud of what she has achieved through her ten years of schooling.

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According to Bravo, some of her accomplishments include co-authored and co-authored scientific articles of many chapters. Some of her publications can be found on the University of Miami website.

she is a famous lecturer

There are a few true housewives of miami A meme mocking the rift between Larsa Pippen and Nicole. Larsa claims Nicole slept with most of the hospital’s doctors, breaking her decades-long path to becoming a successful anesthesiologist.

What Larsa may not know is that Nicole is also a lecturer, teaching medical students in the field of anesthesia. Her beauty is more than that.

How does she know Anthony?

Nicole and fiance Anthony Lopez could soon be one of the most beautiful couples in the world The real housewives of Miami. Now that the longtime couple is engaged, their relationship was covered in season 5.

According to Distractify, they both grew up in Miami, but didn’t meet until they both arrived in Las Vegas at the same time. Eventually, the couple gave birth to son Grayson and became engaged on New Year’s Eve 2021. Although wedding plans are yet to be confirmed, Nicole doesn’t mind holding the wedding at the destination.

Her fiancé doesn’t know what to expect

When participating in the program, Nicole’s fiancé did not know anything but his wife. In a personal interview with The List, she explains why Anthony lost touch with the reality TV world and didn’t know what was going on in it.

She told the publication an interesting story about their first day of filming. “So he told a story about how he drove his car into the driveway, and someone said, ‘Stop,’ and he said, ‘This is my home. Why are you? told me to stop? We were like, ‘Let’s get out. We need to get you a mic,’ so he took the mic and they were calling the intercom, ‘Mr. Lopez is outside. . He’s coming in,” so they can prepare him,” Ni might say. She continued, “He was like, ‘Well, what happened? I just thought someone would install a camera in the house.'”

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Her house has been recognized nationally

Real housewives’ homes are often luxurious, well decorated and expensive. While Nicole is new to the franchise, her house has fulfilled a fan’s need for a torch.

In 2021, the house of Nicole and Anthony has attracted the attention of the prestigious Architectural Digest magazine. The couple’s Coral Gabels home is known for its size and comfort. The 9,000-square-foot home sits on the water, has a wine fridge and movie theater, and is known for the couple’s prized art collection.

Where did she go to school?

According to Bravo, Nicole is currently a doctor and faculty member at the Lennar Foundation Medical Center, part of the University of Miami, where she earned her undergraduate degree.

Nicole, a 2009 graduate, has several awards to her name, such as the Office of Naval Research Scholars U.S. Office of Naval Research and the Emmanuel M. Papper Memorial Award from the Miller School of Medicine. of the University of Miami, according to the hospital’s website.

Guerdy won’t plan her wedding

Nicole and Guerdy Abraira are fast becoming one of the best friends in the world Real housewives. As the reboot’s two new housewives, they relied on each other through tough times. But just because they’re close doesn’t mean Guerdy will be involved in Nicole’s wedding plans.

Guerdy is a globally renowned event organizer known for lavish weddings. Nicole was planning her wedding when she was asked on Watch What Happens Live if she would hire Guerdy to plan her wedding. She replied “No, I love her very much.” She then said Food of the day She takes their friendship very seriously and can’t mix work with play.

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Nicole’s upbringing pushes her towards a brighter future

Nicole was candid about her family’s hardships romAfter her father is arrested for money laundering, her mother must pick up the pieces and support Nicole and her siblings. Seeing how much her mother struggled during those years inspired Nico to try to do better for her future.

Nicole said on the show that because of what happened to her mother, she would never be completely dependent on a man, which is why she made it on her own before seriousness. with Anthony

Her favorite housewife style is not in her cast

Nicole may be a medical celebrity in Miami for all the amazing work she does, but now a housewife, she’s a celebrity in the Bravo world. René is known for speaking her truth and standing up for others, and is beloved by her fans.

but when and listNicole was asked which “star look” she liked the most and Nicole took it back The real housewives of Beverly Hills. “I love Dorit [Kemsley]Style of. To me, she’s amazing, so classy and her looks are amazing. ‘ If there’s one thing to know about Dorit, it’s that she takes her style very seriously.

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