The smallest dog rescued from the uρρy factory was introduced to his first friend

After all he’s been through, this little guy gets nervous around people. Until he met a new friend just right for his size. No one likes to feel lonely, and that’s exactly how most of us feel when we enter a new world.

The same can happen to animals, especially when they are taken to an unknown place

This little puppy rescued from the puppy mill has an interesting story to tell. Ruggles, a Shih-Tzu puppy, was rescued from a puppy factory. The puppy is so small that it is only slightly larger than an adult hand.

This puppy had a rough start in life, and you can imagine how scared and anxious he must have been after living in such a horrible environment. Cherokee County Animal Shelter volunteers took him in and cared for him. What he needs is a friend of his caliber.

Even a small dog like Ruggles needs time to adjust to new surroundings. Maybe at some point he’s scared or anxious to see a whole new world outside the puppy kennel.

They are very active and playful, like all puppies and kittens. They form an instant connection the first time they see each other. They play with toys scattered on the floor and are never uncomfortable with them.

It didn’t take long for them to give up their toys and simply play with each other. They are such good friends that you would think they would move on from their painful past. Both can live happily ever after.

After a few months, they are no longer the unhappy pets they once were. Ruggles overcame serious health problems and turned into a lovely puppy. He was adopted by a wonderful family. He also became an official ambassador for the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. Please share this article with your friends!

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