They Live: Why John Carpenter Cast Roddy Piper & Keith David

they live This is wrestler Roddy Piper’s first big movie role, and that’s why John Carpenter cast him and his fighting partner Keith David. Alien invasion movies are fairly common, but few have as distinctive tone and performance as the 1988 classic. they live. A professional blend of sci-fi, horror and action, they live Presents a more insidious alien threat that does not invade with explosions and lasers, but uses humanity’s own greed and self-interest to silently control society for decades.

Fortunately, it was Carpenter who composed a wonderful piece of music, one of the they liveIts best property is its slightly eclectic casting. These include Meg Foster’s Holly Thompson, whose blue eyes are so striking that some directors even made her wear contact lenses to soften the effect. At the top of the list is, of course, Piper, who became a pop culture icon in the mid-1980s as “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, WWE’s proud Hulk maniac One of the main villains of Hulk Hogan in the Ages.

Piper has spent most of her wrestling career as a villain, so, on the surface, choosing to play a sci-fi/action hero is a bit odd. Thankfully, John Carpenter’s bet on Piper’s ability to do the job paid off, resulting in a movie and performance that became legendary. David as Frank, despite being a friend, gives Piper great support in an epic alleyway brawl with Piper’s character. That’s why both were chosen they live.

Why Roddy Piper And Keith David Are On ‘They Live’

While it’s unclear how John Carpenter feels about the world of wrestling today, back in 1987 he was a huge fan of what the WWF had to offer. So much so that Carpenter attended WrestleMania 3 in Detroit, Michigan, which included a major main event between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. Elsewhere on the card, Roddy Piper — now a nice guy — is playing his first “retirement” match against Adrian Adonis. Carpenter met Piper backstage and was immediately impressed, which led to Piper being cast in the role they liveThat’s Nada.

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Carpenter saw Piper as the perfect fit for what he was looking for they liveThe hero, a really tough man, looks like he’s living his own life, rather than the typical perfect-looking Hollywood male lead. Piper’s looks and demeanor also stand in stark contrast to the flashy, indulgent Ronald Reagan-era values ​​that aliens and their human accomplices enjoy. they live. These qualities are due to Piper having had a rather difficult life, as he left home as a child and started wrestling in his teens. Wrestling in that era was much harsher than wrestling today, and Piper struggled through the ranks for over a decade before the NWA really started to become a star in the late years. 1970. He also recovered from many serious injuries.

Carpenter made Piper the main character in his extremely difficult alien fighting series they liveThen, the writer/director decided to create the supporting hero Frank for Keith David. Carpenter leaves an impression with David’s work problem And look forward to working with him again. Plus, David’s size makes him someone who can go up against or side with Piper, rather than just a standard companion. Thankfully, the duo proved to have great chemistry on screen.

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