This man doesn’t mind losing everything in a fire as long as he has his dog

The sad and honest story of a 56-year-old man from Mexicali, Baja California, who lost his home in a raging fire and realized that it was his best friend that really mattered in his life. live, was shared on multiple social media platforms on January 7.

Although his hearing loss did not prevent him from becoming self-sufficient, Don Mario ran his own business selling cups or car tire covers for ten years.

Mario Alberto Méndez González lives alone with his pet dog after unfortunately having to watch his lineage disappear.

While Mario was sleeping in the early hours of the morning, several residents in the area tried to alert them to the fire, which appears to have started in the room due to an electrical short. Fortunately, Don Mario was able to escape his burning house before it quickly spread to other parts of the building.

The fire engulfed his Nissan pickup truck, which was loaded with goods, and fueled the fire.

Don Mario frantically saves the life of his friend who is still in the house while the neighbors wait for the firemen. The house was almost completely burned down in the fire, but the neighbors prevented him from entering and saving it.

When firefighters arrived, they discovered a dramatic scene as Don Mario, who was panicking, began using a neighbor’s hose to put out the fire.

Mario has no desire for material possessions; all he wants is for them to be useful to his best friend.

Express RGV posted on Facebook:

He signaled to the firefighters that his first priority was the dog and that they could save it.

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Everyone then assumed that the worst happened because it was very unlikely that the animal would survive, but the man did not give up.

Somehow, a fireman came out of the house carrying the dog Don Marija. When he saw him, he yelled at him, and the dog ran into his arms. He started crying while holding the puppy.

The photo was taken by neighbor and photographer Jonathan Bobadilla, who later posted it online after receiving rave reviews.

Despite all the monetary damage, the most important thing in the story is that Don Mario and his dog made it through the disaster unharmed.

The photos capture Don Mari’s kindness and unwavering love for his companion. His informants and neighbors quickly organized a series of fundraising events to help him.

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