Trippy optical illusion appears to be moving but it ISN’T – and it’s blowing people’s minds

BRACE yourselves everyone because things are about to get a little confusing round these parts.

Yes there’s a new mind-boggling optical illusion doing the rounds on social media – and it’s blowing people’s minds.

Made up of countless hexagons, this purple and yellow illusion appears to move slowly back and forth when you examine it closely.

What’s more, the caption underneath the mind-bending illusion claims that it was created by the Japanese neurology professor Yamamoto Hashima as a means of testing the viewer’s stress levels.

While the caption claims “if it’s not moving, or moving just a little, you are healthy and slept well”, if its “moving continuously” then this could mean “you are over-stressed”.

Taking to Twitter to voice their confusion, one horrified user posted a screengrab of the illusion online along with the caption “this is actually tripping me out.”


One user insists they see something different every time they look at the imageCredit: Twitter Another used our favourite Oprah GIF to voice her confusion


Another used our favourite Oprah GIF to voice her confusionCredit: Twitter We couldn't agree more with this Twitter user


We couldn’t agree more with this Twitter userCredit: Twitter

Unsurprisingly, the baffling illusion has left the internet thoroughly confused.

Like the Yanny or Laurel debacle from earlier this year, one user claimed the illusion changes every time they revisit it.

She said: “So this morning the photo was still and now it’s moving like anything.”

Another added: “If I fixate on it nothing moves, if I look down it moves.”

Meanwhile, one baffled user added: “Delete it, my head hurts.”

Them and us both.

But in an even more mind-boggling turn of events, it now appears that the image isn’t moving at all.

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After seeing the illusion re-merge online, the real designer Yurii Perepadia posted his work on Instagram.

The graphic designer explained: “This is a white and black stroke on a coloured background, which sets in motion the focus of vision and it seems to a person that the details of the image are moving.”

In other words, it has nothing to do with your stress levels because the image is not actually moving.

Anyone else need a lie down after that? Just us?

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