Uncle wore so many clothes to avoid the cold, he will be tired after counting; watch video

Viral YouTube Video: A video is going viral on social media where a man puts on so much clothing on his body to survive the extreme cold that you’ll get tired of counting.

The uncle wore so many clothes to avoid the cold, he will be tired after counting

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Funny Man Video: Including Delhi Winter is wreaking havoc in North India these days. Meanwhile, people are adopting various methods to escape the cold. But the prevalence of cold drafts is such that even warm clothing is lacking. In this situation, people put a lot of clothes on the body. Currently, one of those videos in which a man has so many clothes to escape the cold that you will get tired of counting has appeared on social networks. After watching the video, people say brother… now only the cold can save.

Some people are working on the construction site. Meanwhile, the man is surprised to see his colleague. Because man prepared himself to survive the cold, which you can’t even imagine. In fact, the man wore not one, not two, but several hats at once. Similarly, he also wore several sweaters, one shirt over another, to protect himself from the cold. Seeing this, a colleague not only counted the person’s clothes, but also filmed it and made it viral. The video shows the man wearing around 10 caps. Furthermore, his body is covered with 18 cloths.

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Watching this video, one may get the feeling that people are doing nothing to avoid being tortured by the cold. From plenty of warm clothing to room heaters, people take various measures to keep the cold off their chilly bodies. Please tell us this video is going viral on various social media platforms. Many shared the video and wrote that now count and say how many clothes the uncle put on to avoid the cold.

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