Vikings: 10 Memes That Only Real Fans Will Understand

Vikings is a TV series that has long been hailed as one of the best historical dramas on the small screen. However, some have also questioned the real importance of the Scandinavian long story.

The film focuses on Ragnar Lothbrok, who becomes king of the Viking tribe. Since then, Vikings Focuses on the fate of Ragnar and his sons as they adventure across England and Scandinavia. While the series has been critically acclaimed, it has spawned countless social media memes that hilariously explain why some viewers don’t understand the History Channel’s series.

I do not like you

in spite of VikingGS has a loyal following and detractors either don’t understand the historical nature of the series or just see it as a perennial slow-burning work. The meme illustrates the divide between fans of the show and those who are angry with it.

The same memes can be of use to loyal fans of any movie who are probably tired of having to re-explain the meaning of their shows over and over again. Vikings is a show that will take time to attract viewers and it certainly won’t be for everyone.

keep our glasses

In this meme, Series meme artist Dope toasts Skol. Who is Skol? People who don’t watch Vikings usually won’t get the meme; but for fans of the series, they will understand the meaning behind it and sneer from the post.

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This meme is one of the many Vikings inside memes that fans will get, but will completely confuse others. Skol is a phrase used frequently in stories and in Norse mythology to mean paying homage to one’s physicality.

before and after

many viewers Vikings It’s easy to relate to this meme, but it also leaves non-fans very confused about the plot of the series. This meme shows King Ayla preparing to hang Bjorn at the top, but Ragnar at the bottom turns the tables.

This title perfectly demonstrates how the show can confuse viewers who don’t follow the plot and how Vikings It could easily become a turning point for those who aren’t interested in the history or mythology on which the show is based.

explain the legend

The perfect thing about this meme is that to really keep up with the show you have to have a basic knowledge of nordic mythology. Vikings be based on. Even for those who do, fans of the film will find it a headache trying to explain the complex mythology centered on the film’s main characters.

Vikings of Thrones

from Vikings premiered in 2013, with this relentless rivalry with HBO’s blockbuster series Game of ThronesBoth series seem mythical in their episodes, but the latter goes into fantasy, while Vikings is based on real mythology.

There is a constant debate among fanbases which series has the better story, Game of Thrones Fans argue that their series has better stories, while Vikings Fans claim that its plot has a better development.

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Who discovered Iceland?

because Vikings is a show based on historical mythology and only fans of the show will truly understand the meme. In season 5, Floki begins to explore Asgard, actually going to the island of Iceland. In historical fact, of course, the discoverer of Iceland was Nadold, one of the settlers who discovered the Faroe Islands.

exist VikingsFloki’s settlement begins to crumble and he dies buried inside an erupting volcano at the end of Season 5.

wait for Freya

Fans of the show will find this meme funny and on point. In Norse mythology, Freya is one of the main goddesses and rival of Odin. In season four, Odin sets sail for Kattegat, and since the sailing takes a while at the time, many believe Freya is waiting for her opponent to return from her spoils.

As with most memes on the show, this will be the one that only fans of the show will truly understand and will leave the general audience confused as to what the meme stands for.

Reasons to see the Vikings

While casual fans can find Vikings For fans of the series, the main reason to watch is Ragnar Lothbrok’s first wife, Lagertha.

She’s a very fierce Shield Maiden, and the woman who plays Lagertha, Katheryn Winnick, has been nominated for multiple awards for her portrayal of the character. As good and funny as this meme is, it’s not enough to properly explain the content of the show, especially for those who don’t understand the mythology behind it.

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Don’t talk about Vikings!

in spite of piratess has a huge and loyal fan base, but also a large segment of the audience that simply doesn’t know the show or what fans love about Ivar. For casual fans, Bjorn is the more interesting character as he is the heir to Ragnar’s Kattegat.

However, Ivar, the main antagonist of season 5, wants revenge on King Aelle and King Ecbert, and Lagertha for his mother’s death for which she is responsible. This is a debate that will never be resolved.

never seen them

In season 5, Ubbe, Hvister, and Ivar rule East Anglia together, but the combined royal family is full of conflicts and problems. Everyone had a clash with Bjorn, and Ubbe appeared to be sitting on the sidelines while that clash continued.

for the fans Vikingsthis is not surprising, but the average viewer will not understand the purpose of the meme, nor explain further the content of the show. You need a basic understanding of Norse mythology to follow Vikingsotherwise the program will be meaningless.

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