WandaVision Concept Art Shows Different Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume

A recent exposure Wanda Vision Concept art shows off an alternative look for Wanda Maximoff’s Halloween costume. The Halloween costume first appeared in early promotional materials before debuting in the sixth episode of the Disney+ series. The costumes pay homage to Wanda, Vision, and “Pietro’s” classic costumes, as well as Tommy and Billy’s first hero costumes.

Episode 6 Wanda Vision》A new Halloween extravaganza!Taking inspiration from sitcoms, bringing Westview into the 1990s malcolm in the middle An episode shot from the perspective of a Halloween special. So Wanda, Vision and their family join the other residents of Westview in dressing up in Halloween costumes. The addition of the classic costumes is partly for fan service who want to see their original comic costumes, but it’s also cleverly integrated into the show’s story. That being said, Wanda’s look is almost different compared to the show’s final design.

Andy Park recently did a live broadcast on his YouTube channel (via direct) shared various pieces of concept art he created for the series. The livestream includes clips from the Halloween episode of Wanda, Vision, Billy, Tommy and “Pietro” trick-or-treating. Wanda’s costume is slightly different from her final look in this episode compared to the last episode, where maybe Sparky the dog is still alive. Wanda’s alternative costume retains her iconic headpiece and gloves, albeit slightly altered. Instead, she wore a black necklace, pink top, red corset, red skirt and leather boots instead of her more classic outfit. Check out the artwork below.

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Parker said the producers didn’t want Wanda to keep a classic look, they wanted her to have more of a fortune teller style outfit, like the one pictured above. However, after Elizabeth Olsen fought for a comic book-style costume and insisted that Wanda keep it alongside Bettany’s costume, the producers relented and chose the final costume for the series. Olson was pleased to be able to create a more comic-accurate look after being informed. Avengers: Age of UltronDuring production, Wanda’s look will not be inspired by her comic book appearance.

While the design in the artwork is more along the lines of Wanda dressing up as a “Sokovian fortune teller,” and recent costumes in the comics have similar details, such as the necklace, the producers would have been better off going with the final design. The costumes in the episode are not only a nod to the classic comics, but also more in line with the aesthetic of the rest of the family’s costumes.The final design is also closer to the final hero costume we saw Wanda Vision‘s final episode. Wanda’s Scarlet Witch costume has a similar cape and tiara to her Halloween costume, providing subtle foreshadowing.

Source: Andy Park Art (via The Direct)

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