What happened to Insimbi Zezhwane? Lead singer MaEli and drummer killed in horror crash

Shock waves are blowing from Zimbabwe’s Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road where popular band Insimbi Zezhwane was involved in an accident. It is heartbreaking that two members of the band lost their lives in this road mishap. Since the news of the Insimbi Zezhwane accident broke out, people have been left stunned, stumbled, shocked, harrowed, and devastated as two members of the band died in the accident. Who are the musicians who died in the Bulawayo-Victoriya Falls Road accident? However, an investigation is under process and officers are looking into the accident scene to figure out the circumstances surrounding the Insimbi Zezhwane accident but still, we have gathered some key details of the mishap that you need to know. Continue reading this article to know what actually happened. Take a look below for more details.

Insimbi Zezhwane Accident

The reports suggested that lead singer and lead guitarist Elvis MaEli Mathe and the drummer of the band Thembinkosi Maviri Mpofy are the two musicians who died in the fatal road accident. The fatal accident took place reportedly in the morning hours. Insimbi Zezhwane lead vocalist MaEli and drummer Maviri were found dead at the scene. They passed away on the spot. Shift to the next section and read more details.

MaEli sustained life-threatening injuries in the accident. He succumbed to his wounds sustained in the accident. Maviri also died from his injuries from the accident that happened along the Bulawayo-Victoriya Falls Road (Fatima High School turn-off) earlier on Saturday. The second victim of the fatal crash Thembinkosi Mpofu was a drummer for Godolude but he was doubling up for band Insimbi Zezhwane after they migrated to Zimbabwe earlier this year. Sadly, drummer Thembinkosi Mpofy passed away from his injuries at the scene. Before relocating to Zimbabwe, the band Insimbi Zezhwane was based in South Africa but earlier this year the band relocated to Zimbabwe. Continuer reading this article and learn more details.

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Insimbi Zezhwane Accident

The lead vocalist and lead guitarist of Insimbi Zezhwane created a new album for Rhumba. In fact, MaEli’s new album for Rhumba also helped the band in getting fame and becoming the most sought-after Rhumba band for live shows in the Matabeleland province. After relocating to Zimbabwe, band Insimbi Zezhwane is based in Bulawayo. The deaths of the two band members of Insimbi Zezhwane were confirmed after a source went to St. Lukes Hospital located in Lupane where the victims were taken following the severe crash. Continue reading the article and learn more information about the accident.

The victims of the accident were shortly rushed to Lupane’s St Lukes Hospital where the devastating developments were made. Two members of the band, lead vocalist and drummer were pronounced dead at the scene while the other members were taken to the hospital in critical condition. The manager of the band, Bahlanu Sibanda confirmed this tragic news. Bahlanu Sibanda said, “It’s terrible. Two of my guys are late”

Who was Insimbi Zezhwane?

Bhaker Golide who knows about the accident said, “Lupane Emaguswini when will this stop our road always big accident happens vic falls road it’s now become a no-go zone how many people have died and still not been fixed number of big names are gone almost lost Zinjaziyamluma Zinjo Sengwayo today as he was driving to st lukes to see Insimbi Zezhwane his home boys. Ma Eli is gone may his soul rest in peace they are still never in our prayers coz the whole team is in bad condition very srs let’s come together and unite and keep them strong condolences to the family and friends. Our roads are so bad l know vic falls road l have noticed a lot on that road”

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A report by VOA Ndebele stated that at the time of the accident, all members were in the car. Sadly two of them died while others are fighting for their lives at a hospital. The vehicle of the Rhumba music band famously named Metal Zhwane was traveling on Saturday morning when a front wheel shooting led a car to break a wild gang and hit a tree. The group advisor “Brema” Motyo was taken to a hospital in Bulawayo. The medical team said her condition is very bad while other members of the band were taken to St. Lukes Hospital in Lupane Matabeleland North. Drag down the page and read more details.

The cause of the fatal crash is believed to be that car’s front tire burst due to which the driver of the car lost control and raged the car into a tree. Ezra Tshiba Sibanda extended his condolences to Ma Eli, “My dear brother, we will carry you in our hearts forever, your absence will leave a void that will never be filled. Though you have gone my guy, your legacy will remain forever, and will cherish the memories you left for us. You were a man of grace and strength, a great vocalist, and a multi-talented artist. Rest In Power genius!” Stay tuned.

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