What is ‘Gadsden flag’? Meaning explained as Colorado student says teachers ‘not happy’ with his victory

In recent news, Colorado’s Democratic governor was revealed to have defended the Gadsen flag after a student was told to remove it from his backpack. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Stay tuned for all the insights and new updates.

What is the ‘Gadsden Flag’? Meaning explained

On Wednesday, Colorado Democratic Gov. Jared Polis defended the ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flag in response to a now-viral video showing a 12-year-old student being told by school officials to remove a patch depicting it from his backpack. A video clip of the incident, in which a school official told a student he was not allowed to wear a tag with the Gadsen flag on it, was reportedly released Tuesday, and the famous flag has taken its toll on social media. However, the video appears to have been recorded by the boy’s mother and shows a school where an official explained that the student was banned from displaying the flag because school staff believed it was associated with forms of slavery and racism.

But on Wednesday, the governor came to the defense of the flag and saved the students’ right to express political views and freedom of speech. However, the polis said let’s just let kids express themselves freely in schools, and if they want to advocate their political beliefs, then he thinks there’s something that should be encouraged. Later, Polis concluded that they need to work on the ability to better express disagreement and not question people’s motives, and said that we need to start having discussions. The Gadsden flag is confirmed to have been created and used by Ben Franklin in the 17th century as a warning to Great Britain not to mess with the freedom of the colonies. Recently, groups on both the left and the right have adopted a similar flag as their own.

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The flag was known to have a yellow background and originated in the American War of Independence as a symbol of unity against the British Empire.In recent years, the flag has become a symbol of the American Tea Party political movement and has also been adopted by far-right extreme personalities. Previously, American Civil Liberties had defended the flag as a common symbol of the US Marine Corps since 1775.

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