What is Twitter’s new DM spam reduction policy?

The microblogging platform Twitter is once again facing backlash over its new messaging policy. The Twitter support account recently mentioned a new policy that will filter DMs from users you don’t follow and don’t have a verified account. This policy is effective from July 14, 2023.

As of July 14, we will be adding a new message setting that will help reduce the number of spam messages in DMs. With the new setting enabled, mail from users you follow will go to your main inbox and mail from verified users you don’t follow…

– Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport)
July 13, 2023

Twitter has consistently faced problems since the introduction of blue Twitter, followed by a limit on the number of tweets users can read per day.

Direct messages from these users will be sent to your “message request” box, where you can view or delete them. If you choose to view the message request, you can decide whether to accept or decline the message.

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The platform mentions that this initiative is taken to reduce the amount of spam that users receive on a daily basis. The company also says this policy won’t affect DMs from users you follow or have verified accounts.

Previously, Twitter message settings had three options:

  • Allow message requests from everyone: This setting allows people to send you direct messages (DMs) regardless of whether you follow them or not, also known as “open DMs”.
  • Only allow message requests from people you follow: This setting only allows people you follow to send you direct messages. He is also known as the “closed DM”.
  • Only allow message requests from verified users: This setting only allows verified users to send you messages directly. Verified users are accounts that have been verified by Twitter. This setting also allows people you follow to send you direct messages.
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All of these options mean that messages will go directly to your DM, but the new change made by Twitter includes the following options:

  • Only allow message requests from verified users and people you follow
  • Only allow message requests from people you follow.
  • Allow requesting messages from everyone

Twitter discreetly puts people’s accounts in the first option, which makes them curious as to why they’re not getting important notifications. Many have condemned this new feature and blamed Elon Musk’s vision of monetizing the platform and making more money.

Twitter’s decision to move the DMs of users you don’t follow to a “message request” inbox is driving users to buy a confirmed subscription so they can easily communicate with people.

The move also changes the value of verification badges, which were previously only available to accounts that met certain criteria, such as public figure or large followings.

Verified accounts have a blue check mark next to their username, which means the account is authentic and not fake. However, the value of the verification badge has decreased in recent years as Twitter makes it easier for people to make purchases.

How to change new Twitter DM settings

Fortunately, the platform has not imposed this feature on users like a limit for reading tweets. Users can change how they want to receive messages by following these steps:

  • Sign in to your Twitter account.
  • Click Settings and Support
  • Scroll down and select “Privacy & Security”
  • Tap Direct Message
  • Select the option “Allow messages from everyone”

In short, this move was met with mixed reactions. Some users have welcomed the change, saying it will help reduce the amount of spam direct messages they receive. Others have criticized the move, arguing that it reduces the value of the verification badge and benefits only those who can afford to pay for a subscription.

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This new feature could be detrimental to Twitter as its competitor Meta has just launched Threads.

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