What The Hell, Aemond?! Breaking Down Vhagar’s Attack & THAT Scene

Warning: There are spoilers for The House of Dragons Part 1, Episode 10, “Black Queen” and the “Fire and Blood” book. Aemond Targaryen and Vhagar in dragon house The season 1 finale, a gruesome, brutal death, meant a lot. Aemond and Lucerys’ rivalry is one of the biggest side-scrolls of the second half dragon house The first part starts with Luke stabbing Emond in the eye, and the second part moves on “Stubborn boy.” However, the ending goes even further when they meet again at Storm’s End, each enlisting the aid of Boros Baratheon. While unable to shed blood under his roof, Emond saw an opportunity for revenge and took it… and then some.

Aemond and Vhagar pursue Lutherys and Arax and demand payment of the debt; Eye for eye. However, neither Aemond nor Lucerys were experienced dragon riders, and they were almost useless in fierce battle. This is especially true of Aemond, who is trying (and failing) to command the biggest, most ferocious beasts in Westeros. Arrax gets scared and spits fire at an old dragon Therefore Waghar’s reaction was larger and more sinister, which is understandable (but also brutal); nothing can be inferred at this point. Despite Aemond’s attempt to control her, Vhagar swallowed Lucerys whole, Arrax’s body fell into the water, and dragon house changed cannot be changed.

How Aemond Kills Lucerys in the Book

Despite how Aemond and Vhagar killed Lucerys and Arrax dragon house Similar to how it’s told in the book, with one key difference: the show turns it into an accident, which the book doesn’t. fire and bloodalthough it is clear from historical documents that Aemond intended to kill Luke; memory of what happened and was mocked by Boros’s daughters at Storm’s End after Luke left (this was omitted from the show), He lunged at him in rage and revenge , seems to be fully aware and in control of his actions.

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It is said that the battles are very fast, with many blaming before the end and Arrax falling from the sky. This fits Aemond’s description of a sadistic character who doesn’t think twice before killing someone. There are also various accounts of what happened to Lucerys’ body, including whether it was eaten by Vhagar or washed ashore with both eyes cut off. dragon house Answer clearly.

Why did HOTD make Aemond kill Lucerys by accident?

Aemond Targaryen on Vhagar

The fact that Aemond accidentally killed Luke is a major change to the book, and thus raises the question of why. It’s a fascinating distinction that resonates with many people. dragon housePlot: Many of the key characters – most notably Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower (more so in her younger years) – are told in more benevolent terms. way, and Emond is one of them. Although he taunts his nephew and is on his way to becoming Daemon 2.0, the fact that he lost an eye shows that he is the better of Alicent’s sons. Even after being stabbed, he gave up on revenge because he had his dragons, and in the end, despite his warrior stance, he still didn’t want to kill his family, especially is a 14 year old grandson.

It also helps to balance the scale of the blue and black battle. Rhaenyla has dragon houseand largely sympathetic, but overall, her side is described as the “good” team in the brewing war (whether it’s her cuter kids, or Harwin, who’s easy love like healthy hair) and there’s not much room for anyone. donate. But part of the beauty of this world is how gray and bleak it is; letting Aemond kill Lucerys on purpose would make the greens more obnoxious (which is a high standard when they have Otto Hightower, Larys Strong, and Criston Cole). It’s still an act of cruelty, but one that really helps his and the Greens’ personalities feel more complex and nuanced.

Vhagar kills Lucerys and Arrax makes more sense than Aemond

Arrax and Vhagar in the Dragon House

Aside from the character change, there’s a lot of logic in letting Vhagar kill Lucerys and Arrax on her own terms, instead of Aemond doing it. To her, Vhagar was the oldest, most tenacious and ferocious dragon in the world; regardless of the rider, which means she shouldn’t accept another dragon attacking her. Other than that, though, it does a better job of highlighting dragons’ otherworldly powers and how it can be detrimental to people using them (which is consistent with the idea that they’re necessary for the session). Westeros nuclear weapons version). This is the most devastating bonus in the King Viserys series, saying:

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“The idea that we control dragons is an illusion. They are a powerful being and should never be teased. A creature that brought doom to Valyria. If we don’t care about history, own, the same will happen to us.”

How right he is.

What Lucerys’ death means for Aemond and Greens

The Greens, Aegon, Emond, Helena, Alison and Otto from Dragon House.

It will be interesting to see what Aemond does next after killing Lucerys. In the books, Aegon throws a big party for him, while Otto and Alison are appalled and appalled by his behavior. However, he continued his path, becoming the most ferocious, ruthless and dangerous fighter of the Green Party. That could be how it’s going to be on the show and he might even have a role. At last, fire and blood There are only many different historical accounts, but only Emond knows the truth: it is possible that he claimed that he actually killed Luke with his own hands, rather than admitting that he could not control his dragon.

However, if it wants a more sympathetic Aemond, as this shows, it can try to change things further. He may be more hesitant in battles and is likely to be bothered by his actions. Though that doesn’t change Aemond in dragon house, it will surely hang over him and be present in all his actions. Kinslayer is not a mark to dismiss or take lightly, and it will further complicate Emond’s journey. As for the Greens, there was nothing they could do: hope for peace was dashed, the Negroes retaliated, and they were cornered.

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What Lucerys’ death meant for Rhaenyra and Blacks

Rhaenyra's fierce expression in the season 1 finale

as Rhaenyra in dragon houseThe end of season 1 revealed that Aemond killing Lucerys would have only one outcome: war. Rhaenyla had previously shown commendable restraint, refusing to be drawn into an unexpected war, not even considering possible peace terms, and eager to consider all options one way. strategy. This is no longer the case. In one episode, Rhaenyra lost her father, daughter, Iron Throne and now her second son. Lucerys’ death is a point of no return, and the only possible response is war. It will be on the battlefield, at sea and in the air. The fact that Aemond killed Lucerys meant that the dance of the dragons had officially begun.

How will Aemond take revenge for killing Lucerys

Blood and cheese in fire and blood

Lucerys’ revenge quest is “Eyes for eyes.” A similar deal would apply to Luke’s death, except to the most brutal, most tragic degree: “A child for a child.” Aemond has no children, but the reward will be shouldered by the king himself. Believed to be at the behest of Daemon himself, two men – known only as Blood the Butcher and Cheese the Ratcatcher – are hired to infiltrate the Red Keep. They would break into Aliceente’s room, tie her up, and wait for Queen Hylena to take her and Aegon’s three children to their grandmother.

Blood and Cheese gives Helena a choice: one of her two sons must die, and if she refuses the choice, they will all be killed. Helaena ultimately chose to kill her youngest son, Maelor, thinking he was too young to understand; Instead, the blood killed their eldest, the future heir to King Jaehaerys of Aegon. Helaena never recovered from shock and loss, which ensures that there will only be more bloodshed and violence in A Dance with Dragons. That will happen at some point dragon house Season 2 continues to change the course of the war.

dragon house Will return for season 2 on HBO; TBD release date.

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