Who are Virgin River season five’s new cast members?

Virgin River is back! The highly anticipated fifth season of the popular romance drama finally arrived on Netflix on Thursday, and we couldn’t be happier to be returning to the small Californian town.

While the new series sees the return of some familiar faces, including lead Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson as Mel and Jack, viewers are also introduced to some new cast members. But who are they and where have you seen them before? Keep reading to find out…

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The new cast of the fifth season of Virgin River

Libby Osler as Ava

© NetflixLibby Osler plays Ava

Libby Olser plays Ava, daughter of the late Lilly Anderson, who returns to a small Californian town and befriends Mel.

Before making her debut in Virgin River, Libby played Harper Shores of the Chesapeake and Quinn in the Canadian TV show, D Cut. She might also be recognized for her role as Paige On your feet.

Kandyse McClure as Kaia

Colin Lawrence as Preacher, Kandyse McClure as Kaia in Virgin River© NetflixKandyse McClure as Kaia

Kandyse McClure is a South African-Canadian actress who plays a firefighter named Kaia.

This 43-year-old is known for her roles in Battlestar Galactica reboot, as well as Netflix’s Hemlock Grove.

Kandyse rose to fame as Kat Cabot on the Fox family drama series, Higher groundas well as for her portrayal of Sue Snell in Stephen King’s 2002 adaptation. Carrie.

She also appeared in episodes Good Doctor, Supernatural and had a permanent role in Enchanted rebooting the system.

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Elise Gatien as Lara

Elise Gatien as Lara in Virgin River© NetflixElise Gatien plays Lara

Elise Gatien is a Canadian actress who plays Lara in the new series, who seeks Brady’s help when her daughter Hazel gets lost in the woods.

The 35-year-old is perhaps best known for her role as Candice “CJ” Ward in Cartoon Network’s sci-fi action series, Tower Prep. Viewers may also recognize the star from her role as Maggie on Syfy’s paranormal action series, Ghost wars.

Barbara Pollard as Melissa

Barbara Pollard as Melissa in Virgin River© Netflix Melissa Barbara Pollard was first introduced in the fourth season

Barbara Pollard stars as Melissa, the mastermind behind the Virgin River drug ring, which viewers were briefly introduced to in season four.

The actress is perhaps best known for her role as Janet in the TV series Mom and I (and everyone online), and also appeared in episodes iZombie, Supernatural and Blockbuster.

Susan Hogan as Rose

Susan Hogan as Rose© Netflix Susan Hogan plays Doc’s college girlfriend, Rose

Susan Hogan plays Doc’s former love, Rose.

Susan, 75, hails from Canada and is known for her roles on screen and on stage.

She is perhaps best known for her role as Nickie Rimbaud in the 1986 Canadian police crime drama. Night heat, and also played Kate Ashcroft in the 1980 adventure series, Ritter’s Cove. Her recent TV appearances include Legends of tomorrow and Super girl.

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Susan has also appeared on the big screen several times, including in 1991 Bordertown Café and comedy-drama 2019. Elsewhere.

As for her theater roles, she has appeared in several productions including King Lear and The tamed shrew.

What happens in the fifth season of Virgin River?

In the fifth season, a terrifying forest fire ravages the town and the residents face “surprising new relationships, a shocking breakup, a difficult court case and a heartbreaking goodbye,” according to the synopsis.

Elsewhere in the series, Mel is forced to make a difficult decision about her future at the clinic, and her pregnancy sparks an unexpected connection to her past.

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge in Virgin River© NetflixMartin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge as Jack and Mel

Meanwhile, Jack wants to prove himself to Mel, and in order to do so he has to face “some long overdue conflicts”, including “demons of his own” as well as his ex-girlfriend Charmaine, who discovered that he is not the father of her unborn twins in a shocking steeps at the end of the fourth season.

“Doc and Hope [Tim Matheson and Annette O’Toole] individual impairments question their identities, the doctor and the mayor must find solace in their community, in their young new family, and in each other,” the synopsis reads.

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