Who is Brianna Chicken Fry Dating? Who is Brianna Chicken Fry?

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Who is Brianna Chicken Fry dating?

There is no specific information about Brianna Chickenfry’s current relationship status. But Brianna Chicken Fry is rumored to have been in a relationship with a boy named Joey in early 2023, although Brianna has not confirmed the relationship. In 2018, Brianna Chicken Fry entered into a romantic relationship with Nik Pelligrino, a former basketball player, after they were friends before that. Unfortunately, their love story was short-lived, and in just a few months their relationship came to an end.

Brianna openly discussed their breakup on her podcast, where she shared that they tried to repair their relationship, but their efforts were unsuccessful. Since breaking up with Niko, Brianna has remained romantically unattached and has embraced the single life.

She decided to focus on her career as a social media influencer and content creator, delighting her fans with her funny videos on platforms like TikTok. While her love life may be on hold for now, she continues to win over audiences with her entertaining content and has blossomed into a prominent figure in the digital media industry.

Who is Brianna Chicken Fry?

Brianna Chickenfry, whose real name is Brianna LaPaglia, is a social media influencer and content creator known for her presence on TikTok. She gained popularity and fame for her humorous and relatable videos, often focusing on topics such as dating, dating and hangovers. Originally from Massachusetts, Brianna quickly became a prominent figure on the TikTok platform, attracting a large number of fans who enjoyed her entertaining content.

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One of her standout features on TikTok was her “hangover videos,” in which she humorously portrayed herself in various situations as she dealt with the aftermath of a night out. These videos resonated with viewers, leading to a significant increase in her popularity and recognition.

In an unexpected turn of events, Brianna’s TikTok videos caught the attention of Barstool Sports, a digital media company. Instead of applying for the job, the company discovered her through her viral content. Barstool Sports saw her comedic talent and unique style and approached her directly. Impressed by her videos, they offered her an internship, which later turned into a full-time job.

As part of her collaboration with Barstool Sports, Brianna started her own podcast called “PlanBri Uncut.” In this podcast, she candidly shares her experiences and insights on navigating life in her early 20s, including stories about parties, relationships, friendships and more. Her podcast has gained significant traction and a dedicated following, further cementing her status as a social media personality and content creator.

In addition to her podcast, Brianna publishes frequent blog posts for Barstool Sports, focusing on the PlanBri section of the company’s main website. She also collaborated with Barstool to create merchandise, including apparel and accessories branded with the word “hungover,” reflecting her humorous take on her role at the company.

Prior to her social media success and career with Barstool, Brianna was a public health student at Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio. However, she made the decision to leave college in September 2020 to focus on her growing career in social media and her role at Barstool Sports, recognizing the opportunities and potential it offered.

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Brianna Chickenfry’s journey from college student creating TikTok videos to social media star and full-time employee at Barstool Sports exemplifies the power of platforms like TikTok to catapult individuals to fame and career opportunities in the digital media industry. Her likable and witty content continues to entertain and engage audiences, and her presence in the social media space remains strong.


How old is Brianna Chicken Fry?

As of 2023, Brianna Chicken Fry is 24 years old. This means that she was born in 1998 or 1999, depending on the month of birth, because her age changes with each year. With her growing popularity as a social media influencer and content creator, Brianna has achieved tremendous success at a relatively young age.

Her comedic and related content on platforms like TikTok and her involvement with Barstool Sports have contributed to her fame and wide recognition among her fans and followers. As she continues her career in the digital media industry, her age and accomplishments highlight her talent and appeal to audiences of various demographics.

Brianna Chicken Fry Instagram

Brianna Chicken Fry has many followers and fans on Instagram. Her followers on Instagram (516k followers), Everyday Brianna Chicken Fry shares personal lifestyles, photos, professional photos, event appearances and videos. Gradually her popularity skyrocketed. Brianna Chicken Fry Instagram: (@briannalapaglia) (516K followers).


Brianna Chicken Fry Real name

Brianna Chicken Fry’s real name is Brianna LaPaglia. She is widely known by her social media moniker “Brianna Chicken Fry” on platforms such as TikTok, where she has gained considerable fame and popularity. Despite her online persona, her real name is Brianna LaPaglia, and her comedic and relatable content has garnered her a large following.

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Brianna’s rise to fame began with her witty and entertaining videos, capturing the attention of audiences with her endearing depictions of everyday life experiences. Her unique style and engaging content quickly catapulted her into the limelight, making her one of the notable social media influencers of her time.

In addition to her online presence, Brianna has also ventured into the world of podcasting, hosting her own show called “PlanBri Uncut” in association with Barstool Sports. Through her podcast, she candidly shares her experiences and insights, providing entertainment and advice to her young audience navigating life in their early 20s.

As Brianna LaPaglia, she continues to make a significant impact on the digital media industry, entertaining and connecting with her followers, and solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the social media world.

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