Who Is Bubba Wallace’s Wife? All About Amanda Carter

Bubba Wallace married his wife Amanda Carter on New Year’s Eve 2022.

The two have been dating since high school, before Wallace became a professional NASCAR driver. Although they were never dating at the time, they stayed in touch after they graduated and reconnected well a few years later.

“It’s special,” Carter told PEOPLE of the couple’s history in 2023. “Even last night when we were at dinner, we were talking about stories from high school or people from high school and the town. We still reminisce or talk about things from past. We just know so much about each other’s lives from so long ago.”

Wallace and Carter started dating in 2016, got engaged in 2021, and married the following year. Ahead of their wedding, Wallace told PEOPLE that he will probably cry when Carter walks down the aisle. “I can tell you no right now, because I’m relaxed,” he said. “But yeah, standing up there, I’m probably going to start and not be able to stop.”

So who is Bubba Wallace’s wife? From her work as an artist to her wedding, here’s everything you need to know about Amanda Carter.

She went to high school with Wallace

Amanda Carter on Instagram

Wallace and Carter first met in high school, when Wallace was a sophomore and Carter was a freshman. “She thought I was nice, but not attractive,” Wallace told PEOPLE. “I just remember seeing her and being like, ‘Wow, she’s beautiful.’ ”

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Carter recalled, “We were in Spanish class in high school and we sat next to each other. I don’t remember the first time we met, but he would always try to cheat. We were friends. There were three or four of us who did all our projects together and he would always try to cheat on my exams because I was so much smarter than him!”

But they never went to school. “It never worked. It never hit or landed in high school,” Carter said. “I even went to his prom with someone else from his school.”

She reconnected with Wallace in 2015 and they started dating the following year

Bubba Wallace and Amanda Carter

Amanda Carter on Instagram

Wallace and Carter stayed in touch after high school and spoke occasionally before reuniting at a college football game in 2015. The duo began spending more time together, and Wallace soon invited Carter to a race in Las Vegas while she was a senior at college.

“It was my senior spring break. And I had no plans then. And he said, ‘Well, I’m going to be out in Vegas while you’re on spring break, do you want to come?’ And I said, ‘No,'” Carter told PEOPLE.

“And then he asked again several times, and I finally said yes,” she added. “I thought, well, I have to get to know him better if we’re going to be on vacation for a week together. And we started dating when we got to Vegas, because we talked so much. We really started to like each other.”

Wallace proposed to her in June 2021

Bubba Wallace and Amanda Carter

Amanda Carter on Instagram

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In June 2021, Wallace proposed to Carter in front of a waterfall in Oregon. He announced the news on Xu, formerly Twitter, writing: “Why did I wait so long..we’ll never know. The wait is over!! Here’s to forever! Forever forever!”

He also shared a series of four pictures, including one of him down on one knee and another of Carter showing off his engagement ring.

She married Wallace on December 31, 2022

Bubba Wallace's wedding

Bubba Wallace and Amanda Carter. Anastasia Photography

Wallace and Carter married in Charlotte, North Carolina on New Year’s Eve 2022 in front of 250 guests. Wallace wore a bespoke suit by Stitched by Mitch, while Carter donned a Madam Burca dress.

After exchanging handwritten vows in front of their guests, they had a cocktail hour with an open bar and four tapas-style bars instead of a formal dinner. They welcomed 2023 with a champagne toast and arranged for a McDonald’s food truck to serve chicken nuggets and fries at 1am

“I’m getting married and we’re starting a new life together, I’m so excited to have a good one in my corner,” Wallace told PEOPLE. “We have so much fun together.”

She is an artist and a former financial analyst

Amanda Carter

Amanda Carter on Instagram

In 2016, Carter graduated from Appalachian State University with a BA in Finance and Banking. According to USA Network, Carter worked as a financial analyst at Bank of America.

She reportedly left the company in April 2022 and is now focusing on her art, often sharing her work on Instagram.

She shares a puppy with Wallace

Bubba Wallace's dog

Bubba Wallace/Twitter

In July 2020, Wallace and Carter adopted an Australian Shepherd puppy. Wallace announced the new addition to X, writing, “Let me tell you about my best friend. Asher meets the world.”

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He also shared a photo of the couple holding Asher, who was wearing a puppy-sized red bandanna.

“We really enjoyed Asher,” Wallace told PEOPLE in March 2021. “He was a really good dog, like an extremely good dog. It’s very hard to leave him during the day. But he’s great and we” just really enjoyed the time spent with him.”

She supports her husband’s career on social networks

Bubba Wallace and Amanda Carter

Amanda Carter on Instagram

Carter frequently supports Wallace on social media. In October 2021, Wallace became the first black race car driver to win a NASCAR Cup Series race since Wendell Scott in 1963. Carter posted a photo of the pair with the caption, “So proud of @bubbawallace !!!!!! That’s it, WINNER CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!”

In February 2023, she posted an Instagram photo of herself kissing Wallace at Daytona International Speedway. “We were in a position for the top 5 last last and barely caught up in the last wreck!” she wrote. “I’m so excited to see what this team does this year!”

Netflix Documentary Series in 2022 Breed: Bubba Wallace follows a driver’s career in NASCAR, and Carter is featured on the show. In February 2022, she shared a video of herself in the series.

“You know me… I like to keep things real and raw,” Wallace chirped after the announcement of the show. “Excited for @netflix to capture these moments to share with you.”

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