Why was Gigi Hadid arrested? Drugs charges released on bail after paying $1,000

Here’s why Gigi Hadid, a famous Hollywood model, was arrested. In this article, we will provide you with all the details about the Cayman Islands incident. For more details and news information, you must read the article. Stay tuned for all the latest ideas and updates in the PKB news.

Why was Gigi Hadid arrested?

It was recently reported that the famous model Gigi Hadid was recently arrested on cannabis possession charges. Hadid was in the company of another person named Leah Nicole McCarthy and the same accusations were made against her. It was learned that Hadid was at the Owen Roberts International Airport where authorities searched her belongings and found drugs in them. The event began with the arrival of a private jet at the main terminal of the Owen Roberts International Airport. In addition, the passenger’s baggage was checked and processed by the customs and border control officer. Scroll down to the next section for more details.

The story unfolds when Gigi and Leah’s suitcases are searched and the authorities also discover various other items used to consume cannabis. This raised suspicions that they were both possibly importing cannabis into another country, which ultimately resulted in their arrest. Gigi Hadid and Leah Nicole McCarthy were booked into the Detention Center, but were later released on bail. Gigi and Leah later appeared in emergency court on July 12, 2023 and pleaded guilty during the hearing. They were not convicted, although they were each fined $1,000. Read on to find out if cannabis is legal in the Cayman Islands or not.

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However, it was believed that medical cannabis could be used legally as a prescription drug in the Cayman Islands as of 2017 to relieve pain such as nausea caused by chemotherapy and other health problems. However, the recreational part can lead to legal problems. After its use was legalized, there were around 500 patients who were recommended to use medical cannabis, and it was used to treat diabetes and other ailments. It is also given to dogs diagnosed and treated for arthritis, cancer, and epilepsy. Gigi Hadid has reportedly never been seen using cannabis because she has never spoken about using cannabis for any reason. However, she was once seen walking around with a weed pendant, which raised suspicions that she might be smoking weed. Hadid has been involved in other legal matters in the past, despite her arrest on July 10.

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