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Tanks on the battlefield bear the symbol of war on any front. There are many about war sims from the past. But I haven’t seen many quality products that are really worth experiencing. So today, I want to bring you a game with a war theme. But about tanks fighting each other in chaotic fashion. That game is World of Tanks Blitz. Before getting ready to sit in his favorite tank. Please take a few minutes to read the review and some basics about this game.

Push the player experience to the highest level. World of Tanks Blitz will turn you into a tank warrior on the battlefield. Fight alone on the chaotic battlefield. Use all your cannon aiming skills. Produce the most extreme destruction. Take the look and power of your tank to the next level. Or fight with the strongest comrades on the battlefield. Enjoy the great feeling of driving a champion tank.

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You will be dropped into battlefields in every corner of the world. The next step is to control your own tank to fight with your teammates. Because it requires the most precise control. You need to be familiar with the buttons on the screen, from aim, angle, shoot, move. Everything is on screen, depending on the type of practice you need more time. The base battlefield will consist of 14 players. 7 people from each faction will fight the enemy together. The battlefield will be extremely chaotic when up to 14 tanks collide with each other.

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It’s unbelievable that you can move for a tank. Like a real warrior on the battlefield. Of course, you won’t have any serious consequences in doing so. Because the goal of the game is to destroy the enemy. You can only take damage if hit by their bullets. So have fun and don’t care about the laws of physics. I said that in this battlefield, life would be chaotic in every way, right?

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Many new and modern tanks

Except for the basic tank in the army. World of Tanks Blitz has over 350 different tanks. You read it right. Enough that you can use one in every game without getting bored. That’s not enough for Gameplay, but it’s not easy to have everything anyway. Each has its own attack, health, and defense stats. They can also be refurbished and upgraded to add more powerful features. Now you can take your entire tank into battle using your favorite materials. Fight with the most modern technology and power.

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go anywhere on the battlefield

You surely think there is only one war map to fight, right? Then something is wrong. There is a battlefield system in various locations around the world. People will fight in the desert, tundra, jungle… Choose your favorite battle zone, jump in and shoot as many as you like. Moreover, the terrain in each place is completely different. Make your team’s skills and coordination more diverse and complex. Be ready to fight anywhere. Anywhere becomes a deadly tank battleground.

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Cooperate with friends and guilds

World of Tanks Blitz battles definitely require teammates to join and fight by your side. A useful tip is to play with your friends from the very beginning of the game. From day one, you will fight side by side everywhere. Until become the best and invincible team. Or join a clan and find your own brother. It’s hard to fight strangers, isn’t it. It is more beneficial to join with acquaintances. Because there are so many other important things that you can learn and share. All of these combine into a great game of solidarity.

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WoTB Mode

You are a lover of war games. You want to seize the time to control the tank and destroy the enemy with your own marksmanship. Come to “World of Tanks Blitz” to satisfy your taste. Of course it has to do with the number of tanks you have and the variety of game modes. Having good friends will never let you down. Come to the World of Tanks Blitz mod to not feel alone and lost in the fiercest battlefield. Become the champion with the tank.

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