You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the gecko hiding in the shrub in under five seconds before the leaves move

You must have excellent eyesight if you can find this cute macaclin hiding among the leaves.

Try to spot the “grumpy” Ego reptile in less than five seconds before the leaves move.


Do you see Ego, the “grumpy” hooked cat? Credit: TikTok/simplygecko

The crested gecko is a colorful lizard known for its crests that run from head to tail, Everything Reptiles said.

These types of lizards have small spines above their eyes that look like eyelashes.

Known for their expressive faces – and eye-licking – they can only be found on the New Caledonian Islands, a group of islands near Australia.

A video of the lizard hiding was shared on TikTok by Jaycee (@simplygecko), who wrote: “Where’s the gecko today: here’s Ego hiding in his leaves. 12/10 great hider.”

Zoe replied, “Ego looks so grumpy, I love him.”

Another viewer wrote: “They hide so well in their mess… super cute.”

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Ego was well hidden among the leaves


The ego was well hidden among the leaves Credit: TikTok/simplygecko

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