You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the turtle hiding among the leaves in less than 15 seconds

CONGRATULATIONS if you manage to spot the turtle in less than 15 seconds.

He hides among the leaves, but this little guy is hard to spot, so you have no business.


TikTok user Mochibabie06) challenged viewers to spot the turtle Credit: TikTok/mochiebabie06

You have exactly a quarter of a minute to complete the task – and that’s not very long.

The challenge is even more difficult because this cute reptile is well camouflaged.

This visual test came from TikTok user Mochibabie06 (@mobchibabie06).

In their post, they captioned the screen: “Spot the turtle. Can you see it?”

The sound of running water in the background can unconsciously put you in a relaxed state.

But there is nothing casual about this turtle test.

He doesn’t want to be found out and does his best to stay hidden.

A green leafy environment combined with greenish water also does not help you in your task.

If you didn’t manage to spot this adorable little one, we’ve circled him in red in the image below.

Perhaps your enthusiasm for more visual tests remains high.

In that case, why not try a few more of our optical illusions and test your mental and visual acuity?

See if you can spot the four pigeons among the sea of ​​cockatoos.

Or try to find a wolf hiding in the forest.

Here he is circled in red


Here he is circled in red credit: TikTok/mochiebabie06Did you spot him?


Did you spot him? Credit: TikTok/mochiebabie06

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