You need to have a high IQ to spot the horse in this optical illusion in less than seven seconds

You NEED to have a high IQ to spot the horse in this cartoon, but you only have seven seconds.

This optical illusion challenges you to locate a hidden horse in an elephant farm.


Can you find the hidden horse in this cartoon? Credits: Bright Side – Jagran Josh

The enigmatic painting shows a gray elephant carrying a trunk with a crooked trunk.

Lush green bushes and a red-roofed barn also feature in the mesmerizing image.

Fluffy white clouds stretch across the sky, creating a soothing scene for the challenge ahead.

But somewhere in the colorful surroundings there is a hidden horse.

You have seven seconds to locate it, and if you do it within the allotted time, you must have a high IQ.

This optical illusion is challenging because it uses a range of vivid colors that can be distracting.

But don’t worry if you can’t detect it in time because we will give you a solution below.

Optical illusions and brain teasers are becoming a popular daily activity for those who want to test not only their eyesight, but also their mental power.

If you look to the far right, you may spot something suspicious.

And once you notice it, you can’t help but notice it later.

But if this optical illusion was too easy, or too hard, for you, why not try these fun games?

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Or find out if you’re left or right brained by counting how many watermelons you can see in this terrifying illusion.

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You have a high IQ if you could spot it in less than seven seconds.


You have a high IQ if you could spot it in less than seven seconds Credit: Bright Side – Jagran Josh

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