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The Kerala Story Wiki – The Kerala Story film is an Indian Hindi film directed by Sudipto Sen. This movie is produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah. This film is about a group of Kerala women who converted to Islam and joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

In this article, you will get to know about The Kerala Story Wiki, True Story, Cast, Plot, Review, Producer, Director and Box Office Collection.

Kerala History Wiki

The Kerala Story Wiki: The Kerala Story movie is directed by Sudipto Sen and produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah. The script of this film is written by Suryapal Singh, Sudipto Sen and Vipul Amrutlal Shah.

Photography by Prasantana Mohapatra and editing by Sanjay Sharma. The music is composed by Viresh Sreevalsa and Bishakh Jyoti.

Produced by Sunshine Pictures. This film was released on May 5, 2023 and has an approximate duration of 138 minutes. The budget of this film is estimated at INR 15-20 million.

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Is the story of Kerala a true story?

Yes, the Kerala story is a true story, but the statistics shown in the movie ‘The Kerala Story’ do not match the real statistics in The Kerala Story.

That’s why it became a trending topic this time. In Story from Kerala, real victims gave their testimonies and told about their journey.

The Story of Kerala Cast and Crew

  • Adah Sharma as Shalini Unnikrishnan / Fatima Ba
  • Yogita Bihani as Nimah
  • Sonia Balani as Asifa
  • Siddhi Idnani as Geetanjali
  • Devadarshini as Shalini’s mother
  • vijay krishna
  • Pranay Pachauri
  • Pranav Mishra

The History of Kerala Wiki (The History of Kerala Wiki)

The film is based on the true story of a Kerala woman who converted to Islam and joined the ranks of ISIS terrorists. In this movie there was a woman named Shalini Unnikrishnan whose role was played by Adah Sharma and this movie explained the reason of her to join ISIS in front of the officers.

This film is based on the story of 32,000 Kerala girls who converted to Islam and were sent to serve the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria terrorist group.

This film follows the story of a group of Kerala women who converted to Islam. They joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. This movie is said to be based on a real life event.

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In the film, a Malay Hindu nurse (Fathima Ba) converts to Islam and joins ISIS and identifies as one of 32,000 girls from the Hindu and Christian communities.

They disappeared from Kerala and were recruited by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Kerala has been a hotbed of Islamic terrorism for the past few years. Hindu and Christian girls were first captured in love jihad by Islamists in Kerala and sent to Iraq and Syria to become ISIS terrorists.

Religious conversion is a serious problem in Kerala. Love Jihad actually started only in Kerala.

There is evidence in the public domain that not only Hindu girls but also Christian girls are attracted to Muslim boys at the behest of their religious preachers.

Muslim boys marry other religious girls and convert their faith to Islam to be sent to Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and Syria, where the girls are used as terrorists or sex slaves.

An overview of the history of Kerala

All social media platforms are flooded with criticism from netizens about The Kerala Story movie. The showings were canceled in several districts of Kerala (most of the netizens watched the series).

Twitter is divided into negative and positive tweets. According to some users, this movie is a propaganda movie. This film continually receives polarized reactions.

Here are some tweets:

This is not a story about Kerala..

It’s an insult to the Kerala government…#TheKeralaStoryReview

—Rangu paduddi.. (@Ghatotkacha12) May 5, 2023

If you’re an emotional fool, this propaganda movie will distract you from the real issues for a few days. #TheKeralaStoryReview

— Desi Devil (@iDesiDevil) May 5, 2023

Trip from 30,000 to 3Waw! What kind of propaganda movies, I’m thinking why? #censer Allow these kind of movies… strictly Take action against all hate movies This movie is dangerous for the whole world warning ⚠️#TheKeralaStoryReview

— iam_ab126 (@Iam_ab126) May 5, 2023

#TheKeralaStoryReview1st half – Bhai ye main characters kisi ke bhi painful pe aa jaate hai aisa hota hai kya real life mein???Itni high level of brainwashing 👀Abhi tak chal rahi hai acchi with brutal scenes. But pehli baar aisa lag raha hai ki bhai kyu theater bhara Hua hai🙂1/2

—Rocky_The_Watcher (@_rocky_swagger_) May 5, 2023

Many thanks to the creators of Kerel Story, this fiasco should have been opened a long time ago. Kerela is probably the next Kashmir if nothing is done.#TheKeralaStoryReview

—BigEgo (@BigEgoCo) May 5, 2023

FOUR Kerala girls are jailed in an Afghan prison

There were many religious conversions in Kerala between 2008 and 2009. Non-Muslim girls who converted to Islam and their Muslim husbands were sent to ISIS.

The girls’ horrific stories first came to light in 2016, when they were arrested and later investigated in Afghanistan.

The most gruesome case relates to four girls who were in a group of 21 members who along with their husbands joined ISIS in 2016.

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Those four girls are Sonia Sebastian, Merrin Jacob, Nimisha, and Raffaela. Nimisha was the only Hindu among these four girls. The other three girls were Christain. These four girls were captured and lured to become Muslim.

They left India in 2016 to join ISKP, the Khorasan branch of ISIS in Afghanistan, along with a group of 21 men and women from Kerala. They were first sent to Iran and from Iran they crossed into Afghanistan on foot.

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The story of Kerala The real victim – Christian Sonia Sebastian converted to Islam

Sonia Sebastian comes from Kasargod in Kerala, she converted to Islam and changed her name to Ayisha. She married Abdul Rashid Abdulla (from Mumbai Airport).

The couple were among the first group of 21 people to leave Kerala and join ISIS in May 2016. Sonia and Abdul undertook secret support courses for IS and jihad during Ramzan’s last term in Padanna and Kasargod.

Sonia is a graduated engineer. Abdul was a key figure in radicalizing and recruiting members of the group in Kerala. He taught ISIS members in Kasargod. He talked about jihad and ISIS ideas.

Victims received videos espousing ISIS ideology and brutality. Abdul used the dark web to talk to ISIS fighters in Syria, where he wanted to join.

The Story of Kerala The True Sacrifice – Christian Merrin Jacob Converted to Islam

Merrin Jacob was a Christian woman who converted to Islam and changed her name to Mariaym, who was married to Bestin Vincent, a resident of Palakkad.

The couple moved to Afghanistan in 2016 to live in territory controlled by the Islamic State. Bestin assumed the identity of Yahya, who was killed in Afghanistan.

At the age of 22, Merrin was working at IBM in Mumbai. She was involved with her high school friend Besting Vincent, who also converted to Islam and became a Yahya.

Besta’s brother Bexin also converted to Islam and became Esa. Besting and Bexin were radicalized by Arshi Qureshi (manager of the Islamic Research Foundation in Mumbai).

After meeting Yahiya (Bestin), Merrin quit his job, moved to Ernakulam, and converted to Islam.

Merrin’s mother said:

“My daughter and other people who went to Afghanistan were brainwashed into joining the group. They were deceived by the promise of paradise for the Muslims. Bestin visited her in Bombay and gave her a Qur’an. He told her that she should read this and unlearn everything she was taught and follow Islam. Merrin was always a loving and religious child. We went to church together. We did it all together.”

Actual victim of Nimish (Merrin Jacob’s friend)

Merrin’s friend Nimisha converted to Islam and changed her name to Fatima when she married Esa. Nimisha’s mother, Bindu Sampath, said:

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“Nimisha came to our house on April 16. [2016] and they told us they were going to Sri Lanka to open a rug business with the money Bex’s father had given them. She was wearing a burqa and she was seven months pregnant.”

When Nimisha stopped sending money to her mother after two weeks, Bindu thought something was wrong. Bindu said,

“On May 8 I tried to report to the police that my daughter might be in danger, but they dismissed my concerns.”

When Bindu visited Yahya and Esa’s parents, they informed him that their sons were in Afghanistan. However, they received text messages from their children. Yahya and Esa’s parents were shocked to see their children’s faces on the news that same night among the 21 members of the ISIS terrorist group.

It is one thing that Nimisha’s mother, Bindu, was serving in the armed forces and Bindu said:

“That day I knew that I had to put my emotions aside and start the fight to get my daughter back. My second son is in the army and I was known as the mother of an Indian major; I am now known as the mother of ISIS terrorists. You can imagine how I feel.”

Raffaele’s real victim

Raffaela married Ijas Kallukettiy Purayil, a 37-year-old doctor from Kasargod.

A real victim of Shruti

Shruti was one of the Kerela victims who befriended Muslim girls in college and converted to Islam. She is a Brahmin who found out that her friend from her university had brainwashed her into converting to Islam. She changed her name to Rahmat. Shruti said,

“They realized that boys and women sit in different sections, and the veil ensures the safety of girls. They gave religion top priority and believed that Islam was the only true ideology.”

Shruti wrote her autobiography in a film titled ‘A Reversal Story: How I Converted to Islam and Returned to Sanatana Dharma’. She told a publication,

“I still shudder when I think of the many things I saw after becoming a Muslim reciting Kalima. There were about 65 women who came there to be converted. There were older women, fully pregnant women, girls aged 16-17, and a woman with two daughters who were 65 years old in total.”

Actress Adah Sharma was afraid of the role of Shalini Unnikrishnan

Shalini’s character is played by Adah Sharma. When she heard Shalini’s life story, she was scared. She only realized that Shalini was caught up in terrorism. Shalini’s character touched Adaha’s soul, which is an unforgettable role for Adaha.

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Tales from Kerala Box Office Collection

The film Story from Kerala grossed INR 8.03 crore on its first day of release on 5 May 2023.

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